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I usually don't post much, but I need encouragement. I graduated on July 11 and moved from Ohio to South Carolina. I've been here in SC for about 2 weeks. So onto the reason why I am posting-I took the NCLEX-RN today and it shut off at 75 took me about 1hr 15min from start to finish. I had a whole hodge-podge of everything, 2 innovative type questions, 2 math questions not a whole lot of drug questions. I felt okay when I came out of the test, but now I am feeling uneasy about it. Anybody taken the test in SC and how long for results. Oh, yea could anybody drop me a few lines of theraputic communcation?



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When the computer shuts off after the minimum # of questions, it generally means one of two things: the computer has determined that you're either grossly unsafe and incompetent, OR, that you are a safe beginning practitioner. My guess is that you, like the vast majority of students who get the minimum, fall into the latter category.

Hope this helps. Let us know when you get your results!

Love, Marla:)

The wait for NCLEX results is ALWAYS anguished!! Hang in there and think positive thoughts, you probably did fine!! When I took it the wait was almost 6 weeks, at least you get them faster these days!

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So, Melissa, what I hear you saying is that you feel uneasy about the results of your NCLEX?

Will you explore that with me?


How about this: I took the same amount of time that you did, same number of questions, left the room feeling COMPLETELY unsure about it, and somehow managed to pass. I'll say a prayer for you, but in the meantime, relax!! You didn't get through nursing school without gleaning important information- it's virtually impossible. The only people I knew who failed either didn't do crap in school and passed by the skin of their teeth, or had such extreme test anxiety that they psyched themselves out of it. There's no way to really study for the NCLEX anyway, but no one realizes that until after they've taken it (just the nature of the test, I guess...). All of that review and preparation is to reinforce your knowledge, but also to make you FEEL better about taking the test. Good luck! We'll be waiting for you. :D

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Ditto all the above ! I felt the same way, and EVERYONE feels the same way.. doubts creeping in...unsure... "how weird WAS that test, anyway".. etc. etc. etc.

Take a deep breath. Relax. (yeh, RIGHT) :D ... easy for US to say NOW, isn't it?

Hang in there... how's THAT for therapeutic? :rotfl:

Well, you could always just burrow yourself deep under your covers and not come out 'til the mailman brings your results....

You WILL survive the wait. NOT easy, we know, but you WILL survive it ! Wish you the very best ! :)

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I don't know how the BRN does things in your state, but I am going to school in California and I had a instructor who told us that some of her students will do a search online for a license in their name. Often they will find out that they are licensed this way weeks before they are notified by mail!!! It can't hurt to give it a try, and as soon as your license posts on the website you can start looking for a job!!! Good luck and let us know how you do :D

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If you don't get the results from your BON website right away, (some states post them the next day) and you're willing to spend $8 you can also go through the company that administers the exam and get early results.

My state wasn't on the list, but I tried it anyway, and they had the results early.


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it sounds like you are unsure on your performance on your NCLEX. What other emotions are you feeling?

i had 75 questions, and as soon as the computer shut off, i thought i passed..but as the time was creeping up, i began to doubt myself and about the 5th day, i convinced myself i didn't pass. and i did pass...

and i knew for sure that my results would not be posted before the 5th day, but did that stop me from checking the computer, every hour on the hour? nope! and on the 5th day i woke up at 4am, and when i didn't see my name... i just knew i didnt pass...

the thing that helped me was to make myself much as possible... and try that... and let us know how it goes... and if you still feel uneasy, maybe i can give you your prn medication....;) ;)

i'll check back later to see how you are feeling, okay? and if you need any of us, just send us a message, and someone will be here to answer your reply....


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All this therapeutic communication is making me weepy... :p

Seriously... Like the others, I think you did great! I had much the same experience as you. But 48 hrs later, I got my license in the mail! Let us know when you find out!


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I just wanted to take the time to drop everyone a few lines and tell you what a great bunch of people you are. There is so much support and encouragement on this board. It is so nice to have this board to come to. Not only to get advice and supportive words but to have a chance to give back, too! I am still waiting to here from the board of nursing in my state. I paid the $7.95 on the Pearson website for my unofficial results (couldn't stand it anymore) and it said that I passed. I don't know whether or not to go by that result or not, so I am sort of delaying my emotional response. Hopefully on Mon or Tue the board will have my results. Good Luck to those of you who are getting ready to take the test!



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I believe the NCLEX is set up to ask a minimum of 75 questions and a maximum of 250 to 265 not sure which.

75 should mean you passed with flying colors. If you answer more than 75 it should mean that you needed more questions to demonstrate your competency and adequate knowledge base.

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