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Just took ANCC and didnt pass.I took Neccesary NP review class.I wonder if there is any review book that reflects the way the questions were formatted.I had pictures,multiple multiple choices, drag questions,research questions,many theories etc...I know there are questions but was not expecting a lot of drag,multiple choices.Any thoughts on this anyone???


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I'm sorry to hear that. *Hugs*

Can you list the materials you used and the duration of how long you studied for?

And I know its early will you retesting with another exam?

I took the ANCC.

Thanks Skiggers!!I did review with Neccessary NPs at end of June and used her materials, used Fitz cds,used Leik txt books and questions from the textbk and did questions online with anccprep.I studied from beginning of July and took the board in Aug.Yes i will be retesting i guess i was not prepared for what i got or i dont know.It's just frustrating to study so hard and come out failed.I am not sure if i should go for the other board and see.At least that does not contain drag and multiple multiple choices and pictures as i heard.

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Please don't take me the wrong way, I am trying to help, but you are focused is off. I know the drag and drop and pictures can be a little stressful, but these are a very, very small part of the exam. If you really knew your stuff, they would not have phased you. You have to go back to basics. Changing to another board will not help you if you don't have a grasp of the fundamentals.

You said you took the Fitz CD's only. I'm assuming you purchased them on-line of some other place and did not have access to the book or the supplemental information available on-line if you actually purchase from Fitz. I think this is a false economy - as you have just learned. The Fitz (an other courses of the same type) are wonderful, but you really have to commit to the entire program. Likewise with the Leik book. This is a fabulous review for quick facts and pearls but it won't get you through the examination if you don't have a thorough understanding of the material.

My suggestion to you, and to anyone else studying for the boards, is to not skimp on the review material by purchasing only CDs and the likes. Some people can get away with it, but for others it is an expensive mistake. It will probably cost you more in re-testing, and loss of income in the long run. You have spent a ton of money getting this far. Invest in yourself and get a comprehensive review. I know I will probably get bashed by people who say "oh, but I'm broke" and I get it. I really do. But now is not the time to skimp.

Sorry, not trying to pick on you, but I think it is important for students in your position to understand the importance. You cannot simply memorize a quick review like Leik. Those quick facts will help in practice, but it won't get you through the examination.

Good luck to you.


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The FHEA live courses, as well as the book, is a worthwhile investment, in my opinion.

I agree with the above comment that you do need to self-reflect prior to taking the next exam, regardless of which board. Be honest with yourself and where you were not confident in your answers or unsure and make a plan to address these area prior to repeating any exam.

Best of luck!


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When I took ANCC's exam 4 years ago, I used their study materials. I admit to being one of those who did well without sitting in a classroom. I purchased their streaming review and downloaded the slides and followed along with the lecture (voice only). The best part was that the instructor would say, "This would make an excellent exam question". About 75% of those questions showed up on my exam. I do agree, though, that you need to go back to basics and to really understand the material before stressing about the question type.


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