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Hi. I'm trying to plan my nursing school prereqs and see that the University of Colorado at Denver requires, among other courses, A&P I & II that must be six credit hours each. As far as I can tell none of Colorado's community colleges offer six-hour A&P courses; they're all four-credit hours. UC-Denver's class offerings require numerous prereqs themselves, so I'd rather not take them there. I've e-mailed and called the nursing school to ask, but no one has responded. Where have other applicants taken their prereqs?

Thank you to anyone who can help me out with this.

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I'm not reading it as A&P I&II must be 6 hours each. They separate out their A&P so you take a class of Anatomy and a class of Physiology. If you choose to transfer in with the combination course A&P I, then you must also take A&P II, which will usually equal 8 semester hours. This is from their page:

- The science prerequisites* listed below are the only prerequisites required (all must be completed within 10 years):

- Anatomy (or Anatomy & Physiology I)

- Physiology (or Anatomy & Physiology II)

- Microbiology

- General chemistry

- Statistics

Thank you for your quick response. On the UC-Denver prereq page, it says:

For the descriptions of the prerequisite courses click here.

When I click on that, it takes me to a page that lists each course. For Anatomy, it says:

Combined anatomy and physiology courses will be accepted for both the anatomy and physiology prerequisites only if the course contains a minimum of six (6) semester hours (or 9 quarter hours).

I already have a bachelor's degree (in accounting), so I'm looking at the prereqs in the "Applicants with a bachelor's degree" section. It says:

    [*=left]The science prerequisites* listed below are the only prerequisites required (all must be completed within 10 years):

      [*=left]Anatomy (or Anatomy & Physiology I)
      [*=left]Physiology (or Anatomy & Physiology II)
      [*=left]General chemistry

Maybe the 6-credit hours requirement is only for people who don't already have a bachelor's degree? I would happy to take separate anatomy and physiology classes, but I can't find any through Colorado's community colleges.

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I read that page also. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they’re meaning combined semester hours (quite a few colleges actually state this). They’re trying to stop people from the argument that they took A&P I, and that counts as them taking Anatomy and Physiology separate.

It’s always best to speak with someone in the office. Sometimes you have to actually go there to speak with someone (that’s how my college is). Good Luck. :)

Ok, that makes sense. I really appreciate your replying. I was feeling pretty stressed about this, and I feel much better now.

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I went to a different school, and anatomy and physiology were separate classes, but each of them had an accompanying lab. The classes were each 5 hours, the labs were each 1 hour. Perhaps that is the part you aren't seeing. I would check on the labs!

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From what I read, the Anatomy and Physiology at their school are separated. But they will accept them combined if you took A&P I and II. This is very common at school. They are usually 3 or 4 credit hours so you need a combined 6. It's pretty cut and dry.

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To me, it reads that the combination of A&P I&II must equal 6 credit hours. That would be easily attainable. Most CCs offer A&P as a 3 or 4 credit hour course. So, you'd end up with 6 to 8 credit hours after taking both.