An RN with her own SPA BUSINESS?

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  1. Should I go for it?

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      Yes! Open that spa girl. (I'd pay you a visit!)
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      This is out of the scope of an RN. Nope! (if you choose this be prepared to send me proof, laws, etc.)

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Hi everyone, I'm super excited to be here. I feel official and all that jazz. So I am currently in Nursing school about to start clinicals (ADN program) in August. I'm passionate about healthcare, mostly preventative and holistic medicine. I can not see myself working in a hospital setting. My goal is to work in a med spa, get practice, and then open my own spa. More on the RN esthetician side I guess. (Spa will offer deep tissue message, facials, body wraps, injectables, etc...the complete gamut) If you are an RN in this field, or an RN that owns a med spa/spa or similar business, I would really appreciate your advice. This is what I want to do. Have you ever heard of an RN doing this? Is this something an RN can even do?

Thank you!

Sincerely a business savvy future RN ;)

I know a few nurses who've worked in spas and quit in a hurry. It was sales based and they quickly became poor compared to what they made working in more traditional types of jobs. I've never known RNs to independently give injectables. It might be possible for advance practiced nurses. I'm not sure.

I love massages, but want them from trained massage therapists- not nurses. I don't see this working out for you, but I'll be very happy for you if you're able to prove me wrong.

I appreciate your insight, thank you :)

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If you want to do this, go for it. However, I would definitely check with your state BON first, not to ask for permission, but just to make sure that you're clear on your state's scope of nursing practice and what can/can't you do in your business with your current license.

And also make sure that your patients know that just because you are a RN, that doesn't mean that you are their personal RN on-call, and that there may be services that you can't provide for them in this setting. That's for your own legal protection.

Best of luck.

Very insightful. Your advice is greatly appreciated, Meriwhen. Thank you!

Yes this is very possible for a nurse to do, however you will need more education as well. This is also one of my goals as a nurse and I am working towards it as well. After your nursing license, I recommend you go back and get your BSN since you are in an associate degree. In addition, get a license as an esthetician, go get as many certifications as you can for skincare/derm such as botox, laser etc whatever will help you in skin care. I am currently in a medical esthetician program and many of my class mates are nurses as well. Start looking for jobs at med spas to gain experience as well, it a long process but well worth it. lastly if you want to be truly independent you should go get a family NP degree since NP can run their own practice. Like I said it a long process but if it your dream go after it

Best of Luck

Fellow future RN Med Spa Owner :)

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This nurse owns her own spa in my hometown. She became a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. Maybe you could email her to get advice! Good luck!!

Some states require more education to do injectables, like NP's... at least that's how i think florida is :)

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, @ayo27 ! I'm definitely going for it and I'm elated that you are going for it as well. Best of luck to you in your endeavors!

@Clamb, LPN You are A W E S O M E! Thank you for this referral, I will definitely be reaching out.

@hdrn90 thank you for that information!

Hi @BrightRN2020. Im also an RN who’s very interested in aesthetics, derma fillers and botox and looking into having my own business. Would you know any good schools in California for botox and derma fillers?

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