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Any ideas, experiences or ? Thanks for your input


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Largest agency in the country by a good bit. Don't look at just one agency, get involved with several until you find some good fits for you. If you are looking at just one particular assignment, that goes double. American Mobile tends to low ball new travelers to facilities such as Stanford where they have an exclusive contract. Shop around is the rule, as AM does use other agencies to staff Stanford (for example) as well. Yes, they will choose their internal travelers first, so if it is a must do now you are best off with them, but usually (and paradoxically) their subcontracting agencies will pay more.

Large agencies are great for their large choice of assignments though. And often the best choice for a new traveler which I'm guessing you are.


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AM can be okay if you have the right recruiter. AM will generally offer less money than what the other AMN affiliates will offer.

AM/AMN has exclusive contract with Stanford and also staffs Kaiser.


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Absolutely love my recruiter from AM!!!! Got her from a friend who has done 4 assignments through AM. I honestly think, from what I've heard, that the recruiter you find is almost more important than the company.


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I've been able to do much better with other companies that also have great recruiters. The pay is better elsewhere.

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I had a very good experience with AMN. 5 assignments. great recruiter. also, when i got injured on the job, great disability benefits. yes low pay, but they have the jobs and they got me where I wanted to go.