SOOO sick of my job already!!

  1. I am a relatively new nurse about 1 1/2 years so far. I worked at a hospital for the first year out of school and HATED it so about 6 months ago I took a job at an outpatient surgery clinic. At first it wasnt bad but now I HATE it!! The nurse manager is nice but thats not effective she lets all the other nurses walk over her and do whatever they want. I NEVER get a lunch, and I am talking about up to a 13 hour day!! I work M-F and that is the only plus to this job. I am looking for another job ASAP but cant find anything that isnt at the hospital or just part-time and I NEED full time. Just venting I guess. I just feel unapprecited and over worked. I asked for the day before Thanksgiving off since my kids (9yrs and 4 yrs.) need someone to stay home since they dont have school and my boss gave me the third degree about didnt I have anyone else to watch them?? Keep in mind we have NO cases scheduled this day and I have NEVER asked for a day off yet!! She finally said "well I guess since you have kids we HAVE to let you have that day off" and stomed out. UGH!! I am just sick of it and getting up at 5 am and not getting home till 6pm, with no lunch this makes for one MAD wife, mommy, and nurse!
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  3. by   SueSue3
    I have been a OR nurse for 25 years. There is no reason for you to take that treatment. Keep looking. Although I no longer feel the same that I did when I first started in the OR it was the ideal place for someone with small children. Sounds like this manager is not able to handle the position without being passive aggressive and that doesn't make for a good manager in my experience. Keep looking and don't be afraid to move. Check some of the hospitals also because they may have outpatient surgery incorporated into the main OR. You may be able to work out a deal. Good Luck.
  4. by   Brownms46
    I would request a meeting with your manager, and let her know your feelings. If this didn't work, I woud quietly seek out a head hunter, and tell them what you need in a position. Many times head hunters will know of open positions that are not advertised. You need to go at this issue head on, and be ready to move on if necessary. as this kind of stuff can affect you much more than you might think.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   tx2007
    Thanks for the replies. I am still looking for another job, I never thought it would take this long to find something!! But I am still trying to hold my head up and think that this wont last forever, just until I can find something else!
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    You deserve better! I'm sure there are other avenues for you to do. Not sure what city in Texas you are in but try looking for clinics that are apart of major hospitals.
  7. by   tx2007
    Well I have accepted a job at the hospital where I first worked but this is as an infusion nurse (8hour shifts, every other weekend) it is part of the hospital but it is mostly outpatient type stuff like antibiotics, remicade, chemo. I start in two weeks and I am nervous about going back to the hospital type setting but I am also excited as this will be something new and hopefully I will like it much better. I figure anything has got to be better than where I am and if I try it and dont like it I can always look again for something else. I hope this job works out though.
  8. by   GIRN
    I hope it works out. Good luck to you. That's a shame that you have to leave such a perfect job hour wise, but the environment doesn't sound like a good one. Hope you let them know why they're losing a good nurse...maybe it'll help with the people that are still there. Good luck!
  9. by   tx2007
    I know I am quite upset about leaving (the hours were pretty good!) thats the only reason I have lasted this long. But the attitude of the people I work with, plus my boss and the CEO were just too much. I am planning on telling them (in a nice way) why I am leaving, but it wont change a thing, this place has been run off and on by the same people for the past 15 years and the bottom line is $$. We do about 300 surgeries a month and only have 2 other full time nurses other than myself. On a typical day I am the only nurse in preop getting 20-30 people ready (we do mostly eye surgery like retina and cataracts.) So there is me in preop, one nurse in postop, and one nurse in each OR (2 total). We have one srub tech who goes back and forth between rooms. On days like tommorrow when we have only 5 surgeries I will be pre and post op and only 1 other nurse will be there for the OR. But yet our CEO says we are OVER staffed. @@ I plan to give my notice tommorrow and I expect the Sh*t will hit the fan, I figure they will let me work this week (only cause they need me since we have over 50 surgeries scheduled.) But the week after is spring break and we only have one day of surgeries and I am sure they will just tell me not to bother coming in that week. I would like to finish out my two weeks so I can get paid, but whatever, I just need to get away from this toxic enviornment before I decide I dont want to be a nurse anymore
  10. by   GIRN
    I can't believe you had to preop that many eye patients yourself....there are so many drops to put's pretty confusing! Too bad there are so few surgeries the second week of your notice. It would have been nice to be able to work out your two weeks but look at it as a well-deserved vacation. Rest up and be ready to take on a new challenge. There ARE wonderful Outpatient jobs out there. I work in a great outpatient facility and it all depends on the manager. If they believe that their people are their strongest've got it made. We work very hard but it's a challenging kind of work. We all work together and there's such a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. And the doctors notice what we're doing to make their job profitable...that helps us enjoy putting in the extra effort. But staff from two other facilities near us are complaining of the same problems you have been experiencing... If you find a good work environment....say a prayer of thanks and give it 100%.

    We had an infusion unit in the last hospital I worked in. Some of the nurses loved it and some of them...not so much. You have to learn a lot and you'll develop your IV skills and learn all about ports and such. It's a good education. Maybe use the week you're off to research info on infusion...blood transfusions, antibiotics, flushing PICC lines and changing dressings.... It's a different world but again...the hours are good. Good luck.
  11. by   loricatus
    Quote from tx2007
    Thanks for the replies. I am still looking for another job, I never thought it would take this long to find something!! But I am still trying to hold my head up and think that this wont last forever, just until I can find something else!
    I am in a very similar position as you are----I feel for you. Maybe we are working at the same place????
  12. by   tx2007
    I know thats alot of pt's for one person and I do the 20 or so required drops per pt plus all the IV's by myself, so at least I have become super quick and effeciant at starting IV's LOL! I really hope I like infusion services, I need a decent job. You are so right GIRN that management makes all the difference, if I was treated like a person and not a machine I would probably have stayed at my job. The Dr's are even worse than the management they could care less as long as we get the pt's in and out like sheep. Like I said it's all about the $$. I could not believe that even for Christmas we got NOTHING not one thing from our surgery center or from any of the Dr's. We busted our butts at the end of the year doing approx. 100 surgeries per week!! Loricatus I hope you find a new job soon too, we all DESERVE better than that. Can you believe my DON said to me on Friday that we shouldn't be upset about how we are treated, but that we should just be grateful to have jobs. @@
  13. by   loricatus
    Quote from tx2007
    Can you believe my DON said to me on Friday that we shouldn't be upset about how we are treated, but that we should just be grateful to have jobs. @@
    OMG, we must be working at the same place :chuckle My NM said the same thing last week, along with some other things I cannot repeat on the board.

    Glad you found a new job.

    Was thinking about applying for a case manager hospice position; but, I never did anything like that before. There are 30 surgeries scheduled for a day later this week and we were warned to be prepared for at least a 16 hour day (with a slim possibility of a meal break). You know, I wonder if I pass out if they will consider it unapproved break time?
  14. by   tx2007
    LMAO loricatus I can picture it now, falling over from exhastion and someone yelling "quick go clock her out until she wakes up!" We have a joke at work that you MUST remember to fall backwards if you pass out from exhastion or holding your pee so long you might die, that way you wont 1) fall on a pt and 2) if your in the OR at least you wont ruin the case by falling on the sterile field. I am taking cheese crackers and fruit juice as my grab and go "lunch" so at least I wont pass out. We have 25 surgeries on Tuesday and 27 on Wednesday this week. Monday we have 5 retina cases so that will be about a 10 hour day as well....UGH just thinking about it makes me tired! I hope you have a good week and thanks for the laugh!