Sink or Swim @ doc's office..

  1. Hi all!!
    Just had an awesome interview @ a doctor's office...BUT he wants to make sure he hires the "right" he is offering a "sink or swim"period of 1 week to "work @ the office
    My prob is... I will prob have a weeks notice for this.. I also work HH case...
    Got any brainstorms on how I can say I want a week's vacation w/ out "spilling the beans"?.. I would rather do it this way because I don't know if the doc will think I am the right person...make sense?
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  3. by   RN2B~MAY4ME
    Hi crafty.

    i agree with you about doing it on your vacation dont want to jeopardize your present job just in case.

    The problem i see is that i am not sure a week is enough time for you to get oriented to your surroundings, never mind have someone determine if you are good enough for the postion...

    Of course this might not worry you if you have experience with DR's office work or with this Dr's particular didnt mention this....

    I worked in several OB GYN offices before nursing school and EVEN after I had several years experience still took a bit longer than a week just for ME to feel comfortable with my system, new layout, etc...

    I think you might want to try to negotiate with the Dr....If he is willing to give you a few weeks or even 3 months or will be much better off....AND if you dont like HIM you are not locked in!

    Good luck and let me know what you decide.

  4. by   CraftyLPN
    RN 2 B... Thx 4 your support!! No..i haven't worked at a doc's office before.. but I am really excited about the opportunity....I don't think my first post made sense...
    OK.. I have a HH case that will interfere with this "trial week" @ doc's..(.I will get paid for the trial period..this is to determine "how well I pick-up on things..ect..")
    I guess I am not sure how to ask for this particular wk off without "raising" suspicions...I probably won't quit the HH company,,,but just this particular case if I am the "right" candidate...
    I agree that 1 wk isn't enough and @ the interview, I brought that up..that's all he wants to do...which a okay....
    I will be just "the best darn nurse" I can!!!
  5. by   Vailgang
    I have never heard of a one week trial period. Did you mention to the Doctor that you have another job and this "trial period" would be rather difficult. I mean he should understand because you have to be loyal to your present employer. What kind of office is it? Family practice? Speciality? How big is it? Have you ever worked in an office?
  6. by   Audreyfay
    What a crafty way to get a week of work out of you. Will you be paid? Or is it volunteer? Quite personally, if they can't figure out if they want me with the interview, let's have a second interview. That is very common. But to judge you with one week of jumping into it? I think that is unreasonable and would not consider doing it. Let us know how it turns out.
  7. by   CraftyLPN
    Yes.. I will get paid... I won't know any details for another week or so...Yes ,,it is a family practice also... From my understanding , I guess he had hired a couple of nurses who "just didn't" get it.... even after 90 days probation....
  8. by   disher
    I am a bit uncomfortable with the doctor asking this of you, if he considers you a potential team member than he should organize a schedule so that he can give you advance warning of when the one week trial will occur. Otherwise he is just thinking of himself and this is a red flag as to how he will treat you in the future.
    However if you are still keen on the one week trial period, you could ask a colleague if she is willing to cover your shifts while you take a week to attend to a personal matter. That way it won't be difficult for your current employer to give you a week's vacation on short notice.
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  9. by   Berta
    My antenna are twitching. Be very careful. One week trial period, with a sink or swim attitude. Don't think so. Heck, you won't even be able to learn where everythink is, let alone get a true feel of how the office runs. Be very careful with this one. Best of luck.