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I have somewhat of a problem in my office and was wondering how other office nurses handle it. When patients call for refills on their medications they want them NOW. I have a million and one other... Read More

  1. by   melsay
    We are usually finished seeing our last patient by 4:30, but w/ 100 messages that have to be gone through, it is usually 6 before the doc looks at them all. What I do is prioritize, I do the things that are most important, leave the rest to continue to pile up for the next day, it is a snowball. But what can you do when you are told not to work overtime, but then the patients get pissed at you when there r/f is not called in b/c of that or b/c the doc hasn't addressed the messages until after the pharmacy is closed.
    Oh well, we can only do so much in one days time.....
  2. by   renerian
    In my job as a rep I am sending scripts to be signed every day. Some docs have a 24 to 48 leeway to get scripts filled. Does not bother me as a rep or a patient. Maybe you could adopt that rule.

  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    I work with college students, so I consider it part of my responsibility to impart education about how the health care system works to our "adults in training" . As everyone else does, we get calls that "I ran out yesterday" or, more frequently, I ran out three days ago and now it's an emergency...

    Our asthmatic patients and others who have chronic illnesses are (usually) much better about calling in advance, having navigated the system. It's the gals who are on their last BCP the day before spring break and they need a pap TODAY that make life in the wome's clinic rough lol.

    Emergency stuff gets handled today. Acne medicine waits til tomorrow :chuckle.