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  1. by   borntobanurse3
    yes here in mass MA make like $11 in the practice i work for.
  2. by   JoJo626
    It depends on if the MA is Registered or Certified. I am a Certified Medical
    Assistant (AAMA) in Louisiana, but was trained at the University of Alaska,
    Anchorage for 2 yrs.

    My last job was $12.24/hr PLUS medical/dental, life ins., short/long term disabilility. That is with 11.5 yrs of experience. Louisiana does not pay well. My salary with my years of experience is about $4.00/hr below the Southeast Regions average salary.

    That's why I am in school to get my LPN. After that, I'm planning on getting my BSN.

    Check the AAMA web site for slaray ranges for different states. Please advise your physician to only hire a Certified or Registered MA.
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  3. by   emrebeth3
    Quote from bleann7
    I just got hired at a private practice and i am making $17 an hour!
    may i ask you what type of specialist doctor you work for? thanks alot!!!
  4. by   faithworkslady123
    I am a Registered Medical Assistant and make 15.00/hr in Texas. I make more than the LVN's in the local hospital. I work for a very busy Family Practice w/ OB. I do almost everything the LVN I work with except call in orders to the local hospital and only because the hospital has never heard of a med. asisst. I do phlebotomy,draw/admin. injections,call in rx's,assist the the Doctor with minor surgical procedures,EKG's,call insurancewith clinical information for prior auths.,vitals,spirometry's,triage pt's. I have worked for an Internist,OB?GYN,Endocronologist,and a another Family Practice where I had to do alot of woundcare,pack wounds,remove staples,sutures,urodynamics,place foley caths,phlebotomy,d/c j-pratt's,schedule surgical procedures, call in orders to the local hospitals,It is true that I went to school for 9mo. when i could have done the LVN program for 1 yr, but it's easier getting in the med. asst. program.
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  5. by   Elleveein
    I made more as an MA 23.63 hrly than i do as a LVN 16.00 hrly BUT i had 12 years experience as an MA so that might have something to do with it I live in Los Angeles CA.
  6. by   rondaCMA
    I'm a Medical Assistant and I make $16/hr.
  7. by   sallyrnrrt
    Depends a lot on geography and location