New Job, HELP!!

  1. I need advice!! I just started working for a physician who is
    opening a new office. He hired me over several applicants. (who
    still call wanting my job). HOWEVEr, I have been working now
    for 5 weeks and I am not sure I have made the right decision.

    So far it is a one girl office. I am the RN, Office Manager, and do
    skin care. The doctor is VERY laid back which I like, but to his
    own harm. He never gets anything done. He has not ordered
    an exam table and appears to be in no hurry to set up this
    office. He is a surgeon and has not operated in over a year,
    taking his time, very methodical in setting up. He has no privileges at any hospital, but his application is pending. We
    can't even file insurance, we are not a provider for any insurance
    company so we have to explain to all patients CASH only (which
    nobody wants to pay if you have insurance).

    I am used to working at a fast pace (L&D). I have worked
    as a self thinker, self motivator for years. He hovers over me
    like I am fresh out of school (I have 17 years experience). I
    can't seem to say the right thing EVER to his patients (billing,
    care, etc). He says it all with a smile though but it is really
    grating. I am not used to having anyone tell me how to
    act. Another thing is that he is always late. If we have a patient
    at 9am, he arrives at 10. Not a problem now, since this is usually
    all he has , but could be a problem when (if) he gets busy.

    I want to give this more time. I am not being paid what I am
    worth ($15/hr) but I made a compromise of my salary due to
    his not working. I told him last week I would not survive long
    at $15 an hr and if things did not pick up in the next 2 - 3 months
    I would be in a bind. He has assured me that as he makes money,
    my paycheck will go up. He is very caring and tells me that I
    am the "core" of his practice. (this could be blowing smoke)
    His wife is GREAT and we get along- she is also an RN and will
    eventually help with surgery. I see GREAT potential!!!!!!!!!

    In the meantime, I go to work and sit. waiting for him to

    any advice? (I do have options)... The hospital needs nurses
    bad. I can work PACU for $27 an hour with benefits (i have NO
    benefits now other than vacation). I also have guaranteed
    pay (salary) and he pays me on time with no hassel there. I
    also get 15% commission on skin care which I am hoping to
    build as we get busier. I am just SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!
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  3. by   NURSEFLA
    Addendum to NEW JOB:

    another situation is that the doc has two small children that
    come to work with him every day (with the wife). They are
    precious children ages 11 months and 4 years, but they cry
    and whine all day. Can be very nerve racking when on the
    phone or trying to take care of patients. Even the doc says
    these kids have got to go, yet they come EVERY Single day!!

    I love these kids, yet, how do you work and stay focused in
    a medical setting with this type of distraction??? Is there
    a Nice solution or do I put my foot down!!

    Someone please REPLY!!

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  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    My own opinion - I couldn't work in a place that unstructured. Only you can know what you're willing to tolerate in exchange for the intangible benefits associated with this job (whatever those may be! )

    Edited to add - when you throw the kid situation in on top of it...(shakes head...)

    I merged your other related post with this one so they wouldn't get lost .
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  5. by   webbiedebbie
    Doesn't sound good to me. Seems if you are feeling this way, you may want to get out of there. I once worked a physician's office. He said I was the best he had. However, his wife had a complex about nurses and made coming to work very difficult for me. I left after 3 months.

    My opinion: I could not work under the situation you described. I agree with Nurse Ratched. You are too valuable to be wasting your time with this Doctor.
  6. by   allthingsbright
    It sounds to me like you want to give this job a chance, so why dont you set up a plan, giving the job, say 3-6 mos, and writing out your expectations for the end of that period of time (ie "I want to be making x amount, I want the doc to be seeing x amount of patients, I want the kids gone from the office, I want to feel fulfilled in the job," etc etc etc). If you dont have what you want by the end of the time period, start looking for a new job. That way you feel like you gave it a chance, but you are also looking out for yourself and your future. Time limits always work for me. Good luck to you,

  7. by   MichelleRN1102

    Except for the salary (mine is SIGNIFICANTLY lower:imbar ) and specialty, I'm having the same dilemma.

    I'm working for a FP who is limiting his practice size and therefore, charges patients an annual membership fee. He's an excellent doc and there's been a good response but I've never been comfortable telling patients they have to pay extra for quality care. It's basically a perk for the well-to-do.

    I, too, agreed to accept the position for less-than-adequate pay due to the financial status of the practice and the convenience (the office is in my hometown). But, when I asked for a raise and was given $1 more (still less than what you're making) and was told by the "part-time" business manager (who has absolutely NO respect for nurses IMO - another story, though) that they thought that was "more than fair" AND although I am a "valuable employee," if I wanted to leave they would understand. As far as I'm concerned, they showed me the door. I'm just waiting for a better deal (and that's not going to take much) and then I'm gone.

    I had been struggling, though, with staying and reaping the potential benefits vs. leaving and possibly regretting it. But, after the "raise" incident (and others - yet another story), my answer is pretty clear. Their lack of professional respect for me leaves me no other alternative.

    I hope things work out for you.
  8. by   NURSEFLA
    Thanks for the reply. I think the doctor knows that my days
    are numbered here. He sat down with me on Monday and basically said, "I know you don't like it here and I am willing
    to let you work when you want to"

    My problem is I can't just quit until I have another job. I want
    to be a nurse recruiter (for a travel nurse company) and can
    start that soon, but the pay is sloooooowwwwww in coming in
    - 3-6 months to build up a core of nurses- I live check to check
    as it is and with the low salary, no money left over to even save.

    Whats funny is there have been at least one nurse per day
    either call here or come in wanting my job!!! If they only knew!!

    Good luck and write me ANY time!!!!