Looking for Ambulatory Surgery Nurses

  1. Looking for input from Ambulatory Surgery Nurses.....typical day, what you like, what you dislike...the good the bad, etc.! I have been offered a job, per diem at the local hospital's ASU unit....can't decide!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    I've worked primarily in my facility's inpatient ORs, but we've also had our share of same day surgery patients to fill open slots and have filled in to work on the ambulatory side. The pace is very quick, with cases being short and turnovers being even shorter. The focus is on get 'em in and get 'em out. It can be stressful at times, especially if moving from one case to another type of case that requires a lot of extra equipment. However, we've got some great teamwork that helps things move smoothly.
  4. by   brownbook
    I find it extremely easy and enjoyable. Basically your are doing relatively minor surgeries on relatively healthy people....if they had acute medical/health problems or required major surgery they would not be done in an ASU.

    So as I said it is easy, no brainer, the most meds you use are antibiotics in pre op, anti nausea and pain meds post op. So this old nurse loves it (I had enough of acute care/intensive care nursing). The pace is fast, move em' in, move em' out, the more surgeries they can do each day the more money they make.

    I guess the draw back is loosing some acute care nursing skills? It is great for gaining IV skills though, unless in your ASU anesthesiologists start their own IV's.

    Plus we are closed nights, weekends, and holidays. (Actually occasionally a surgeon pre-schedules an over night patient, we have a few on call nurses for those occasional shifts.)
  5. by   KSGMaine
    Thank you very much! I didn't take the job because it was per diem they now have a ft position open and am thinking about reapplying!
  6. by   Caniac4ever
    I have to agree with brownbook above... working in ambulatory surgery pre/post op is kind of a no brainer job in my experience. I work mostly in the PACU side and the vast majority of the time all I do is push pain and/or nausea drugs. That said, I am very happy with my job. It can get a bit boring, but for the most part the quick pace, variety of cases, and quick turnover of patients keeps you from getting too bored. It can be a bit challenging to get into tho, at least in my area, as it is a coveted position. Many of the nurses have been there for 20+ years and have no intentions of leaving until the day they retire. Good luck!