1. Is it legal for a doctor to not run tests on a pt based on their insurance.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    No - not ethical.
  4. by   Morgan314
    Do you mean not run tests based on the patient's insurance, or based on their lack of insurance? In our office, we have a large number of indigent patients who need labwork or other tests, but cannot afford to have these done. We explain the need for the tests to be sure the patient understands the need for them, and we get them to sign a statement that they are choosing not to have labwork or tests even though these procedures are indicated for the treatment they are receiving.
  5. by   smoses99
    I mean not even offering the opportunity to have them done because of the lack of insurance. This was an initial visit with a Rheumatologist and he just kind of blew them off. This person is an independant drywaller who can afford the tests but was not offered the option because the Dr only looked at the insurance page of his notes.