Clinic question

  1. I'm working at a rural clinic and really like it. I'm the only RN and fairly new/old grad.
    Problem I'm having is that our "nurse manager" is not a nurse (basically zero medical
    training). Also we do not have a Medical Director. I've expressed my frustration to the
    Director of the clinic many times who agrees with me, but nothing is done. I do not think
    this is legal?? And am curious what advice maybe out there. This is non profit. Thanks for
    any advice. I feel unsafe.
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  3. by   tewdles
    It is not illegal nor improper for an ambulatory clinic or community clinic to be "managed" by a least in Michigan.

    It will be challenging for the nursing staff, you, to make sure that you are functioning within the scope of your practice and that you are allowed opportunity to provide professional nursing services to the patient population. Hopefully you are engaged in education and health maintenance for your patients with a program for monitoring labs and routine tests, immunizations, and health screening appointments.

    Working in a similar situation, I found that I was more successful when I educated my manager as to the scope of my professional practice and what I planned to include provide for our patients.
  4. by   LuxCalidaNP
    Agreed with the above, but what is ILLEGAL is a non-nurse using the title nurse in role, i.e. "nurse manager." Clinic manager, site director, these would all be appropriate, but nurse manager for someone who is not nor was never licensed is fraud.