Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification

  1. Have any of you taken the certification test for Ambulatory Care Nursing? Any hints for most effective study methods? I'm an older nurse and have test anxiety I am reading the AAACN Core and also have their practice test questions. Average score is 60% in the AAACN test booklet but averaging 90% with Mometrix sample test. The wording of the questions is what is throwing me. If any of you have taken the test, would love to hear your suggestions.
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  3. by   featherzRN
    I took it about a year ago. I bought the official study guide and test questions, although the real test was not all that similar to those. If you have a decent breadth of knowledge in amb care (including children and alternative medicine) you'll probably do fine.

    Don't use any of the study guides you find on amazon - especially the black and yellow one (forget the name) - they were not useful at all and I returned them. I think mometrix was one of those and it was scary easy so don't base your scores on that..
  4. by   TheCommuter
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  5. by   katrn1234
    Thanks for your response. I totally agreed about the study questions in the yellow book, so easy that I think most people not in the medical field could pass the test. The problem I am having most with the AAACN study questions is the wording, when I review what I've missed will often see the simple answer and I am selecting the one that is the 'work to get to that point'. I have considered ordering the review that is on CD to see if that helps. Although I know the information, it is the way they are asking questions in this review that is confusing to me. So much like the NCLEX questions and it has been sooo long since that test.

    Not working in a traditional ambulatory setting probably adds to the my difficulty. I have been working in an outpatient research unit that also falls under the hospital rules and regulations. Prior to that in an emergency room.
  6. by   TowannaRN
    Have you taken the test? If so... how was it?
  7. by   dreamct
    What study guides/websites do you recommend? I too am not in a traditional ambulatory care clinic. So I will need to study.
  8. by   dreamct
    What study guide did you use?
  9. by   massbaby
    Wondering?? Is anyone in ambulatory care learning to do
    Pulmonary Function tests. and how. did it go. I need to learn and would appreciate any advice
    thank you
  10. by   UC nurse
    I took the test last year. Honestly, I felt it was really easy. If you've taken the NCLEX fairly recently (via computer), you will be used to this type of testing. I read the "core curriculum for ambulatory care nursing" manual from the AAACN and did the "ambulatory care nursing review questions" booklet also from AAACN.
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