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BBC news today

Very worrying report,

A top hospital has suspended a contract with a private ambulance operator after a BBC investigation found shortcomings in staff vetting and training.

Birmingham Women's Hospital said it was suspending the contract immediately, while it investigated the allegations.

But the city's Children's Hospital, which has a contract with the same company, is to continue to use the firm while it looks into the claims.

We spend so much time in CRB checking our own trust staff and then let some of our most vunerable patients travel with those who have had no checks, training.

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It is about time there was an expose on some of these private firms. There is little-to-no regulation involved in their operation, and training and education goes from a 4 day FAW (First Aid at Work) course, to an HPC paramedic (usually professional NHS staff who want to make some extra money) and anything in between.

There have been some horror stories about the lower end PAS providers, who for whatever reason, manage to wangle some lucrative contracts with NHS trusts across the country.

Basically, all it takes to become the "CEO" of a private ambulance company is a set of green overalls, and an old transit ambulance bought off e-bay. No ambulance technician course, no paramedic training, no advanced driving skills, and no criminal background check. Some of them have "acquired" access to invasive equipment which they are neither trained, nor authorised to use, such as LMA's, Endotracheal tubes, IV cannulas and giving sets, and occasionally drugs.

These cowboys are well-known in the ambulance forum circles, and bring down the genuine operators who are tarred with the same brush. They want all the glory of the job, but without putting the training in for proper qualifications. Some of their contributions on ambulance-related forums, shows that their lack of knowledge is both staggering and dangerous (IV Lucozade for hypoglycaemia anyone?)

I should state that there are many excellent Private ambulance firms out there. The problem is, there is little for Joe public to gauge the efficiency from one provider to another. After all, anyone in a green jumpsuit is a "paramedic" right? About time this was brought to light. Regulation, regulation, regulation.

There have been many news stories over the years, highlighting the loophole in requirements to operate as a PAS. Here are just a few.

And my absolute favorite (if those are the right words to use)

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I.V. Lucozade? I hope they used a filter :)

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I.V. Lucozade? I hope they used a filter :)




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don't you know you give IV lucozade through a butterfly needle ! and don't forget the malvern or harrogate spring to flush with ...

not a lot to add other than what Scott has posted

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