AM I cut out for this?


So I am enrolled in another pre-nursing course. I am really confused still abou tmy decision to try to become a nurse. It seems a natural path for me- I have agreat interest in anatomy and physiology- especially cardiac....but I am wondering what exactly is entailed in nursing school...what happens after graduation. I am not good with urine and feces....the smell, etc. I know that is proabably the worst thing for awould-be nurse to admit. I am wondering is it all bedpans and bathing? I also have a young family, is it true that in the beginning you are always working nights, weekends and holidays? It seems alot of nurses input is that it is SO hard, so stressful, so demanding and the hours are terrible for a long long time. It is starting to scare me.


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Have you ever considered participating in a job shadow? This might help further decide if nursing is for you.

On another note. Some people are born to hate their jobs and just be all around grouchy, lol. Seriously- I also hear a lot of nurses say how much they love doing what they do. Sure, they have bad days as we are all entitled to.

The dirty work on the job- well, what job doesn't have some aspect in which the employee would rather not do? I don't think anyone takes on the attitude at which they just love poop and vomit. But it is part of the job and can take the wayside of all the rewarding things you will be doing. And no- I don't think it's all just about what comes out of the body.

As far as hours. I think everyone pays their dues. I also know, there are ways to work in a schedule that works for you. I have spoken to many nurses, who are mothers like me who have said, "they don't miss a thing." Me, personally would like to work nights. Being home w/ my kids when they get home from school sounds better then only seeing them for an hour or two when "I" get home from work. Also, in my area, nurses who are f/t only work every third weekend where the p/t nurse will work every other weekend. If you work Thanksgiving, you are off for Christmas, things like that.


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Nursing is not an easy job...but it is rewarding IMHO. There are days I want to quit and there are days I feel I made a difference. I've been an LPN for almost 5 years now and work in LTC.

You can get used to urine and feces. No one is born liking them. :lol You find ways of dealing with them and honestly they don't bother me that muich anymore. The hardest for me was spit and secretions from a trach. That took a while, but again, I did get used to it - had to - I work on a respiratory floor.

I work nights because I love them and like the above poster it works well for me and my kids. But in my facility a night shift is not easy to come by. At first I hated working weekends, but now I enjoy them. I get a week day off each week, which is nice for shopping, drs. appts, school appts., summer vacation, etc. Usually you can find some schedule that works for you. Holidays are good times to make $$$$. For example, work the 4th, home for fireworks, take the next day off..non holiday - get paid time and a half.

Part of nursing is bedpans and bedbaths. It is the total care of the patient that you are interested in. It does no good to shove a bunch of pills in someone and have them dirty and sitting in BM. That being said, you won't be spending your whole day doing that - there just isn't time.

I ditto finding someone to shadow to see if it something you are interesing in. If its just the medical aspect, there are many jobs you could get into. OR get your CNA and work part time while you finish. You may be surprised just what you can handle. ;)

Good luck whatever you decide. :)

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the smells are not that bad. you get used to them, I promise.


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i am weird, poop, smells, vomit, urine, etc, does not bother me at all.

spit, now that was my 'issue' which i am getting used to :p

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If it makes you feel any better, I will tell you this: I work in a grocery store during summers off, and I see nurses in there all the time. I always ask them about where they work, and whether they still like their jobs. The overwhelming majority tell me they LOVE their jobs. Some have been at it for awhile, and some not. They will say it's hard work, and they say it is good to switch to a different area if you find yourself burning out. That is the beauty of nursing - we can go to a different area. I have been working there since last summer, and have met ONE who says she would not recommend nursing as a career.

It is scary, beacuse we hear alot of horror stories on here. This is a great place to vent. I find myself wondering if I'm making the mistake of my life right now. But only time will tell.

I agree with the previous poster that said that some people are just grouchy and are not happy with anything in their lives.


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You really need to job shadow before going into a nursing program. If urine and feces make you want to vomit, I have to question your ability to handle nursing.

Yeah, you'll be working evenings or nights probably and will almost definitely be working evenings and weekends. I work with nurses who have been on the job for 25+ years and they still have to work every other weekend and most Holidays.


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Thank you all so much for your replies! I am still wondering if it will be right for me. I am going to see if I can shadow someone as I think you are right , that is the only way to know for sure.

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