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Can someone please know if I am crazy? I got accepted to a 3-year part time nursing program starting this Fall (2009). I recently decided that I was not going to go there and instead go to Stony Brook's one year program starting next Summer (2010). I am in the process of studying Chemistry so that I can CLEP it and feel that in the month or so that I have been studying nothing has sank in. I am so frustrated and feel that why would I take Chemistry and Genetics to get into the one year program, when I don't have to take it at the 3-year part time nursing program at my local community college. I am just so frustrated and I really don't know what to do anymore....

lisamc1RN, LPN

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No. You are not crazy. It's very normal to question your choices, especially new ones. Frustration sometimes comes with the territory as one tries to figure out what direction to go. Nows not the time to give up, but to persevere.

Have you talked with a school advisor yet? If not, maybe you can set up an appointment and discuss your fears and lay out any questions you may have. If you truly want to do the one year program, hang in there, but understand that there are several routes to that Chemistry credit that you need. Don't give up because one of them may not be the one for you! :)

leslie :-D

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i would say that one would have to be pretty confident to clep chem and genetics.

yet, the idea of a 1 yr program is tempting, but think it would also be somewhat intense.

if you are getting frustrated so soon, maybe the part-time program would better suit you?

anyways, i found a few noteworthy links for chem courses online.

check them out and see if it's more doable for you.

if not, you have a yr before the 1 yr program begins, and can always take a chem/gen course(s).

the 3rd link looks amazing, and has chem animations, video lecture courses and lecture notes.

best of everything to you.




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I just want to thank you both for posting responses so promptly. I have always had a difficult time with Chemistry and maybe Cleping it is not such a good idea. I think that I will continue to study, take the test and if I don't pass I will take a class.

I know that the one year program will be difficult, but I feel that Chemistry is on a different level for me than Nursing classes. I know that the Nursing classes will be difficult but they will be much easier for me to understand than Chemistry.

Thanks for all of your help!

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I think you might be trivializing your nursing classes. I was a 4.0 college student (even with my pre-nursing classes like Biology and A&P. Then came nursing. I still managed to finish with a majority of A's, but nursing is a whole different style of learning. For example, with most nursing questions, every answer is correct - you must decide which is more correct. I still remember my very first nursing exam. It was quite the eye opener!

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