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Hi, I'm soon going to join a nursing program. My whole family has been part of the medical program so I just wanted to ask, for a person like me who has minimal to no experience in the healthcare field(I have not taken a class related to the healthcare field in high school) how hard would nursing be ? I have heard that it is very challenging but i'd love to hear some perspectives on this!


It's difficult, everyone can agree on that, but the severity of he difficulty depends on you and how well you are able to keep up/do the work. Just make sure you put 110% into nursing school and learn how to study, study, and study a little more becshce that's "all" you'll be doing for the 4 years. Good luck!

You will be fine. A lot of people I don't take "health care related courses" in high school. I didn't know such things existed. We had CALM (career and life management) which isn't related to nursing at all.

Good luck.

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It's not rocket science. Just jumping through the hoops to get the "paper."

Am I Able?

Yeah, probably.

Might want to go get some experience before you go all in first like have you ever helped people before? Do you even like people? No, seriously. Go get your nursing assistant certificate. Sometimes there are programs where you can shadow a nurse in a hospital. Check it out.

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Hello. My experience...

When I graduated from high school, I got an Associate's degree in Hotel & Rest Administration. I thought I would love working in a hotel, but ended up hating it. I realized that I loved the hotel ambiance, but as a guest, not a worker. LOL

I moved on to working Accounting Operations related positions... Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, and Payroll. With years of experience, I worked my way into becoming a Supervisor. However, it felt empty, automatic, sterile... I became bored and unmotivated. At 37, I decided to go back to school, but not knowing exactly where I was going to end up. Nursing crossed my path and I decided to pursue it because I wanted to make a difference in other people's lives.

When it came to my college credits, I pretty much had to start from scratch because my previous degree was so specialized and old... most classes did not count. So I began my school journey. General Ed classes went well for me. Getting into nursing school was easy, but getting through it was not. My sister died of cancer on my first nursing school semester; I had to inherit the care of her two teenage boys (as her husband had died 5 years earlier). It definitely added stress on me. I repeated 3 classes through my tenure in nursing school, but I made it through and passed the NCLEX-RN on my first try.

Not having experience in healthcare nor knowing anyone in the healthcare field, it took me 5 months to find my first job. It was a grueling experience because it was in a rehab facility with a workload of 15-20 patients and 2 techs in an 8 hour shift. I had to do 2 med passes with accu-checks, 1 wound care round, call the doctor, transcribe doctor's orders in computer, printing the order and faxing them to pharmacy. We had no unit secretary help. I had to chart on every Medicare patient every shift, etc. I was always late finishing my work. Too much!

After 8 months, I found a job at a local jail. Loved working there, but you loose your nursing skills as nursing care is very limited in scope. So after 1.5 years, I moved on to a hospital. I have done Psych, Medical-Surgical, and currently Orthopedics. I got my BSN while working at the jail; now considering an MSN degree.

Nursing is not a competition nor a destination... Nursing is a journey! Are you able and willing to travel it? :)

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Stared an ADN program with zero experience, and had pretty much never been in a hospital until my first child was born. Today I passed ANCC and I am officially a nurse practitioner. It is tough, stressful, and pretty much miserable at times, but very worth it. Experience would obviously be a plus, but you are able, and it can be done! Good luck.

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