always afraid of doing something wrong


I am only a HHA right now, and I love my job and my client. But when I am there I sometimes feel I am on pins and needles hoping that I don't do anything that would upset my client, and then loose the job.

This weekend my client seemed a little bit different towards me and I have worried myself sick hoping that I did not do something to upset them. I am praying they just had a hard day like we all do and it was nothing about me personally.

Is this a common worry for those of us who work in home/private care?. Don't get me wrong I think it is wonderful that the clients have a say in who takes care of them, and who they feel comfortable with. but it makes me feel like if I make one wrong move they will let me go, and I am one of those people that want so much to please everyone, and I have a little hard time getting thick skin, and the mind set you are not going to please and get along with everyone.


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You will learn to relax more as time goes on and you gain more experience. If you feel something is not quite right, it is best to question the client directly to get anything out in the open so that you can deal with it. You will probably find that your spidey sense was a little off. Remind the client to come to you directly with any concerns. And just keep in mind that sometimes they will complain to the agency even when you aren't doing anything wrong. When that happens, it is about them, not about you. All anyone can expect of you is that you do your best each day you work.


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Caliotter is right. Just keep in mind there is always another patient. The grass may not be greener on the other side. But there will always be another case. Some parents are on a power trip because they are over nurses (or aides) and have control over their job. Some of these parents love drama and creating drama. Do your job, do it right, and don't worry. Thats the only thing that you have control over. Oh yeah, and hope you have a good nurse manager!


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Like SDALPN said, a good nurse manager can make the difference. S/he will know how you do your work and will not allow the clients to run roughshod over you, while at the same time, insuring that you are rendering proper care.


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It's easier to talk to your client/client's parent and just clear the air. If a nurse did something small but just irked me, I told him/her. It's so much easier to just say to the nurse "hey, I really have a lot to do every day and if you could take 2 minutes to wash your cup/silverware (or hang up your own sweater/blanket or throw away your old food or whatever) while I am reading/cuddling/playing with my son, I'd appreciate it." If it was a care issue, I would say "I know that you might have learned it this one way, but it works better for my son if you'd do it this way..."

If it was something HUGE, I just told him/her to leave and then told the nurse manager what the issue was and left it up to her how she wanted to proceed (so long as she was clear that the nurse was never to return).