Already feeling discouraged..


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This is my first semester in Coppin State University for Pre-Nursing, I transferred 27 Credits over here and I am taking a Biology 107 which is Introduction to Biology for Health Professions and I am already getting so discouraged. My grades so far are in the 50's and 60's and they said we need at least a C in our classes to stay in the Nursing Program. I heard that almost half the people that are nursing majors here drop out because it's so difficult, I don't want to be that half. My study skills aren't the best but is there any advice you can give because I really would like to continue as a nursing major.


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Hey ROMANTakesOver,

Don't be discouraged!! It is true that in order to stay within a nursing program you must maintain A's and B's with perhaps the occasional C depending on the program. It is also true that some students do not survive through their Nursing Program. Currently I am waiting to hear if I've made it into my BSN program, and in the meantime I am finishing up my last few prerequisites this semester. These prerequisites are no joke and are definitely a good indicator of what is to come once in Nursing school. The best advice that I can give to you is to continually study and familiarize yourself with the lecture information. After you have a lecture, take a break (i.e. lunch break, quick nap, finish other school work, exercise, etc.) then review that information from that lecture the same day. Reinforce that information with the text book (even if other kids in your class say that they never read the book). After you finish reviewing the information, quiz yourself: draw a picture, make a chart, list out details, just write everything you know about the topic. Then put it away. The key is reinforcement and practicing recall. The worst thing to do is to wait until the day or 2 days before the test to begin studying....cramming never works. Plus, nursing concepts build upon each other, so if you don't understand it in the first class, you may have trouble in the next class.

Phew, I'm getting a bit wordy!! But, these are tips that I have learned over the years. Nursing is a career change for me, and I must admit that I did not practice these tips my first time to college!!

Keep it up, don't get discouraged!! :up:


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My study skills aren't the best but is there any advice you can give because I really would like to continue as a nursing major.

If you cannot study effectively, then you will have very little chance of succeeding. I proved this hypothesis myself many, many times. (It's pretty much a scientific theory now. ;)) You have to adjust your studying for each class and figure out the best way to get the material in your head. For some, flashcards and repeat, repeat, repeat work just fine. For me, I need to speak the material, write the material, and draw the material before I can get it organized and tidy in my brain. I make my notes colorful, write outlines, and make turn concepts into pictures. Once you figure out how to study and spend enough time studying, you will find your class much less difficult.

(Studying the night before is not effective. Every college student has done it at least once, I'm sure, me included, but that particular method does not equal extraordinary grades.)

You can keep the faith all you want and believe in yourself all day long, but without effective study skills you're grades are doomed.

And . . . don't get caught up in the "half of the class fails" and "this program is the hardest in the universe." Those are the kinds of things people say as excuses for their poor grades.

Don't settle for good enough, work hard, and say no to drugs. The end.

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How are you studying now? How much time are you dedicating to the class you are struggling with? I only ask because school used to come pretty easy to me, where I really didn't have to study that hard. Then you get to A & P, and realize that there's no way you'll get through it without putting in the time. I would definitely recommend getting your reading done before the class, that way if you have questions you can ask during class and the professor can help you. Also consider going to talk to your professor. They are there to help. Your school likely has tutoring as well, maybe someone else explaining it to you would help.

Check on the Student Nursing Assistance forum as well. There are lots of great tips there, ans many kind people have uploaded study guides, flashcards, etc.