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Almost half way done??...sometimes I just want to throw in the towel..

I have gone through so many mixed emotions about nursing school since I've been in it...I went from balling my eyes out after my first clinical experience because of the terrible thigns I saw and wasn't prepared for...to being more accepting, and starting to possibly see myself as a nurse...to just frustrated that life in general keeps throwing wrenches at me.

I graduate this summer, my husband is getting burned out from working two jobs and we still can't keep up with everything. I've taken a weekend job and omg....I kinda feel like I can't hack it with both..and I feel so selfish quitting..but balancing clinicals two days a week, with assignments, studying for exams, attending lectures...and keeping up with taking care of my husband is taking it's toll and adding a job on top of that...even though it's only weekends, I think it might kill me. I have only worked two shifts so far...but it was insane business...at a restaurant...I've never worked as a server, but maybe about 10 years ago I worked as a hostess so they are giving me a shot. I have to memorize 80 menu items and take a test for that too..fml.

Today I got reamed out by my clinical instructor..well me and 5 other students who all came to clinical unprepared..because we weren't told we needed to research our patients before clincal today (it was a new location)...but clearly it was the expectation and it never occured to us...she was close to sending us all home, but things got better but after a day of horrid smells at the nursing home and pouring over charts...I hardly have the energy to study for the two exams I have this week...Plus, memorize 80 menu items before the weekend.

Anyone else juggling out there? Advice???

Girl you better not quit, you did not come this far, balled your eyes out, stresss yourself out and have hubby work 2 jobs for nothing. Nursing school can take its toll on you but you have to try and look at the light at the end of the tunnel. Good Luck and you better not throw that towel in :)

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Study nursing and forget the menu items. I say quit the job and focus on nursing. You will be done this summer and you've already gone too far to just throw it all away. Summer is not that far away, and if you need to work a restaurant job after graduating, that would be the time to do it. Not now. My vote is that nursing school should come first.

Do not work while in nursing school it adds to the stress you already have.:eek:

I wish it was that easy to just not work...but we are drowing here. If I don't work, I can't make my care payment and If I dont' have a car, I don't go to school. It's all just so hard. U guys are making me cry...because I know I shuoldn't be working and that I'm setting myself up to fail..I know it's the truth, but what do I do.

Have you tried cutting your budget? Like seriously cutting it? No soda, no eating out, cheap meals only. I know it sounds like no brainer stuff, just trying to offer suggestions.

Are you a CNA? If so, maybe that would be a better choice. Instead of memorizing menus you can work with your residents and use what you know. Also, just keep the faith. God has brought you this far so do give up now. He'll make a way. Like the others have stated maybe reassess your spending habits. Have you looked into loans to make ends meet? Just whatever you do don't quit...I know it's easier said than done.

I am not a CNA, yeah, we have cut back alot on things, we never go anywhere, as for food...our diets have fallen by the wayside, since i rarely have time to cook, so the freshmen 15 is here to stay for a while longer I guess. My parents are pressuring me to get a loan to live off of, but I seriously don't even know where to begin, and I'm afraid we will always be in debt if I get one and that working is better than acquiring more debt, it's a catch 22...we already have alot of debt trying to keep up with my tuitioin and books and everything, also we just got married, I"m the only one with good credit and I hate to see that all founder if for some reason we can't pay back the loans. The best thing for us would be to move to a smaller place, but it's a gut wrenching descision since we'd have to borrow the money to move and fix up the place we are currently renting..On top of that we are newlyweds and we support my mother-in law who lives with us. It's not the most appealing idea of moving into a tiny two bedroom and having zero privacy our first year of marriage...but If it must be done, it will be done.

Basically there's no easy fix to our situation...I know lots of other students who work and go to school and I just don't know how they do it...I'm going to give it a few more weeks and then decide. I'm not going to allow my grades to slip in the meantime...if I get fired becuase I havne't memorized the menu than so be it..I'll study the menu in my rare spare time. I'll let u all know how it goes.


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