Almost grads-- how many jobs are you applying for?


Iam not sure how many jobs I should be trying to apply for.

I live in a area without many jobs (Ohio) and lots of new grads.

Only 1 local hosptial is hiring-- is it ok to apply/persue multiple jobs in the same hospital?


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I'm applying everywhere and anywhere that I'm remotely interested in working. I'm interested in a few different specialties and am flexible, but I'm putting my feelers out where I can. I have an interview for a psychiatric job at a large teaching hospital near me but it's not until March 10th so I'm going to go to the career fair at school tomorrow and get "in" with a few more nurse recruiters. I here it's not going to be easy because it's so expensive to hire new grads and with today's economy, they'd rather have experienced nurses.


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I applied to several different areas and hospitals, they had hiring freeze at one but fortunate for me I got offered at all areas. Just try to apply to all and every area you are interested in. In my area they require you to shadow at each area you are interested in and you can interview at all then select the one you like best. Good luck because it is tough out there


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I applied to 4 hospitals.

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