Almost done but feeling so unready with my clinical skills,anyone else???


I graduate this May from a BS program and I am REALLY scared. Scared I do not feel that my clinical skills are anywhere close to where they should be at this level. For example, giving injections,some 2 year programs around here have the students "hitting the ground"and running with it.

It is my hope that I can find an employer that will be willing and patient enough with me to have a preceptor for at least six months. That is at least long enough to feel that I am a safe nurse. I have worked hard enough through the program but I feel the focus has been skewed away from clinicals in favor of fulfilling other requirements. I am not the only one,during student assembly,even one the brighter students has said that she "overall"she has been disappointed with her training. I think that it is the times we live in,i.e nursing instructor shortage, high instructor turnover,high student ratio to a few instructors.In hind site I only regret that I did not take an internship or externship. I tried working as a nursing assistant,but was not able to complete my orientation for lack of compatibility of scheduling(when I was available to orient the preceptors were not).I got a good evaluation from the manager for putting forth my best effort though. I am writing this to vent my feelings,I am not feeling very good today sometimes I wonder if I am the right fit for this career field.My comfort comes from knowing that come May,I graduate then from there on is what I am worried about.

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I think it is pretty normal to question your skills right off the bat. I myself graduate in 2 months and I am scared to death. The instructors at this point have more or less just pushed me out of the nest and are seeing how I do without a whole lot of guidance (besides from my preceptor). I know once I've been doing it for a while, I'll be alright. Take a deep breath and relax.

Hopefully you will carry your fears over into your independent practice though. I mean, if you are actually concerned about whether you are operating safely or not, you will probably be that much more careful. I would be concerned if anyone felt 100% confident in their skills the first few times they do them!


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thank you. I needed that encouragement.


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I felt pretty much the same way until a few weeks ago. I'm in a 2 year program and even though I work as a tech I felt that I was shaky on Med admin and assessment until This clinical rotation (leadership). Our instructor gives us each 4 patients of our own for which we are responsible and a nurse to ask questionsof/pull meds with. After just a few days of this I feel 100% better about my competency and now feel that I am going to be able to hit the ground with a decent basic skill base. Once I really got into it I realized I'm much better at this nursing thing than I thought.


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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that's has concerns!


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I am also very very scared-- Whew I am happy I am not alone...

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