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Allowing a RN license to lapse/expire


Not quite the unusual topic from the hospital I came from. Experienced nurse, always delivered narcs back to machine/wasted them, yet not in the timely manner required. Received a note from my state's board that I needed to go thru a program to be tested for drugs. I was fine with that, yet not to pay it. Let them know they could test me any time, on their dime (my hospital never drug tested me, and the sister company I worked at later did so as per usual for employment) To try to make a horrendous story short, was told license would be revoked if I didn't entertain all their rules. I went to their counselor who stated, after two hours of testing, that I did not have any propensity for drug or alcohol use) Dug. Then I received the phone call from the agency who does the testing. Told to go to meetings twice a week and once a month, sign up for random drug testing (which included no drinking period, for three years at a cost of about $100 per month.

The other requirement was to not work around narcotics for 6 months then to be supervised around narcotics for a year. AND to quit my present job within the next year and a half. So, I signed the papers. Three days later called to ask a question and was told to quit my present job NOW. Literally NOW. Or my case would be returned back for revocation! Devastated.

Long story short, I want that license to just expire (even after the hard work, I'm licensed in another state. I'm horrified by the whole thing, an atty to fight it costs over $10,000.

Humble opinion needed....allow license to become INACTIVE? Or just to EXPIRE?

Renewal is due end of this month. I do not have the money to fight it and if inactive renders questions/testing, it'll affect my next state's license. I love my patients and have NO propensity for drug use, do love a beer with steak now and then, beside the point.

Any thoughts out there?


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You may want to try posting this in Nurses/Recovery instead of the NCLEX forum as those posters will be much more knowledgable about your situation. The other option is to request one of the moderators move this post.


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