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  1. congrats and thanks to everyone who submitted their articles for our article contest - anything nursing related. they were all great! keep them coming!

    the following authors are the winners of our 8th article contest!

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    1. there's a mousetrap in my med cart by 99percentangel
    2. becoming a nurse the hard way. by twistedpupchaser
    3. the most amazing patient by jeninthedesert


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  3. by   Joe V
    Great articles! Congratulations
  4. by   Brian
    Congrats to all of the winners, your accounts have been upgraded to Platinum and I sent your cash prizes to your email address in your profile via paypal
  5. by   jeninthedesert
    Wow, thank you so much!!! :heartbeat
  6. by   sirI







  7. by   jeninthedesert
    I have to say, this made my day. It's been a long and stressful week. So, thank you again!