October 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! - page 9

Attached is an image with a missing caption. Your mission is to provide a caption for it. You may submit as many captions as you wish. ... Read More

  1. by   Caribbean_cruzin
    Good thing his head is screwed on otherwise he may have lost it like he did his pulses and heart beat.
  2. by   1hopefulChik
    His vitals match his costume- in a scary sorta way!
  3. by   1hopefulChik
    It's ok- he won't bite while the thermometer's in his mouth!
  4. by   Charslight
    Code Green room 3!
  5. by   Charslight
    Spinach OD ! ENdoscopy STAT to the ER.
  6. by   Charslight
    After 1000 X-rays, I would say he is radiated and x-rated.
  7. by   Charslight
    Nurse to student: “Well now you know all about the nuts and bolts of nursing”
  8. by   Charslight
    Nurse to Doctor: “Herr Doktor, ve fibbing,labs show ze patient had too much iron in blood, call =Code Green”
  9. by   Charslight
    Nurse to patient:”Vill you stop greening, zis is serious!!”
  10. by   Charslight
    OH no, I just saw this, can you look at my captions? i was on a caption roll this morning!!! maybe I will just have to ‘green' and bear it that the competition is over!!
  11. by   AJJKRN
    "I sure don't want to have to be one of the two nurses needed to call this one!"
  12. by   Joe V

    and the winner is aTOMicTom ... the cartoon may be viewed at Is it covered under Obamacare? - Cartoon Contest Winner