February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100! - page 4

You Can Win $100! The last contest was a little hard (just a little). This one should be super easy. Let your imagination go crazy. (Please stay within our Terms of Service.) All you have to do... Read More

  1. by   Laceyk321
    Just another day in the GI lab.
  2. by   pthelper777
    So, you wanted to know more about C-diff? We'll start here.
  3. by   beliefnhope
    I changed the infected unstageable basketball size wound dressing yesterday. It's your turn today.
  4. by   beliefnhope
    Since you stated you wanted new experiences, this is our student nurse specialty patient... c-diff, infected wound, dementia, agitated, fall risk, cardiac monitor patient
  5. by   Barnabrie33
    "Become a nurse," they said. "It'll be glamorous and you'll save lives," they said...
  6. by   Vie75
    The major nursing FAIL ... burnt popcorn!
  7. by   clfrn
    That smell is either CDiff and we need to isolate or one of the nurse FINALLY got lunch in the cafeteria and they are serving pork and beans.
  8. by   StacieP123
    Nose goes!
  9. by   danilynne1986
    That must be the new c-diff case!
  10. by   abdul naafik
    Steve! We survived the operation. Yeah.... But with numb noses I guess
  11. by   aheinisch
    "You better double glove for this one, Jack. It's your turn to reinsert the Flex-a-seal."

    "No, Mary. Your fingers are smaller. You do it."
  12. by   KPoole
    Can't blame the dog on this one!
  13. by   Julie Reyes
    When you walk into work and diagnose the C-diff patient before you ever get report.