allnurses Partners with Medical Malpractice Insurance Leader CM&F

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    allnurses and medical malpractice insurance leader, CM&F have partnered to be able to offer you aMMP - allnurses Medical Malpractice Program. This allows us to bring nurses the most comprehensive and lowest cost liability policy in the market today.

    allnurses Partners with Medical Malpractice Insurance Leader CM&F

    The world's largest nursing website has partnered with one of the largest insurers of individual nurses in the country to provide affordable and trusted medical malpractice insurance. Provider CM&F and have created aMMP. A fancy acronym for Medical Malpractice program, this is just another way the teams from and CM&F are helping nurses from across the United States to protect themselves from lawsuits.

    You can always hope that your employer would stand behind you in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit but when they have their own financial interests to protect, the importance of carrying your own medical malpractice coverage becomes very clear.

    Let's face the facts: medical errors - no matter how cautious and thorough you are - do happen. The price of protection is equal to two or three cups of coffee from your favorite shop. You wouldn't drive your car without insurance and working in the nursing profession shouldn't be any different.

    In business since 1947, family-owned CM&F specializes in providing nurses with trusted, reliable and affordable insurance to safeguard their livelihoods and futures. For less than $10.00 per month, almost every nurse in the country can have $1,000,000 in personal medical malpractice insurance coverage. In a world where it has become every man, woman and child for his or herself; protecting yourself should be priority number one.

    How do I apply?

    Applying for allnurses Medical Malpractice Insurance is easy through our online application process. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to get through the entire application and you receive your coverage documents immediately after that. Simply hit the "Apply Now" button.

    Protect Yourself Now!

    More info at allnurses Medical Malpractice Insurance Program (aMMP)
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  3. by   RiskManager
    So I see that the underlying policy is written by Medical Protective and it is of course still excess coverage over that provided by your employer.
  4. by   elkpark
    If CM&F is "one of the largest insurers of individual nurses in the country," how come I've been in nursing 30 years and have never heard of them? And it's not really medical malpractice coverage, is it -- it's nursing (malpractice) coverage.
  5. by   Guy in Babyland
    That is nice that they created " Medical Malpractice program" that has the same coverage for the same price as a regular policy on their website. So, it is more of a marketing scheme than a discount for us.
  6. by   r3sullivan
    Hi, Great questions regarding the insurance coverage offered by CM&F Group and in partnership with allnurses. Our insurance policy is actually a primary insurance policy for nurses. It would NOT be considered excess. There are insurance policies out there that would provide insurance as excess over another insurance policy provided by your employer or your hospital. The great thing about our policy is it's a primary nursing professional liability (malpractice) policy (sorry, "medical" malpractice is industry lingo, and sometimes we have a hard time not being "insurance-y"). If you are brought into a lawsuit while working at a hospital our policy would be triggered and defend you at the first dollar level. Now since there are potentially many insurance policies in place from the hospital, the physicians the nurses etc. our policy would work with those policies to determine if there was a judgement or payout. Our primary focus would be to prove the nurse was not negligent and get the nurse dropped form the lawsuit entirely. If you did not have your own policy you would not have that advocate on your side during the suit. Thank you CM&F Group
  7. by   caliotter3
    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    That is nice that they created " Medical Malpractice program" that has the same coverage for the same price as a regular policy on their website. So, it is more of a marketing scheme than a discount for us.
    Does this new event mean that members can no longer mention NSO on the site when posting about malpractice insurance?
  8. by   RiskManager
    Do you have the standard 'other insurance' clause in the MedPro policy? I would like to see a copy of the actual policy. Speaking as someone who does healthcare professional liability insurance for a living, I would be interested to see how your policy provides first dollar indemnity coverage for an employed nurse such that your policy, rather than the hospital's, pays out the $ 1 million policy limits for a bad baby case involving a L&D nurse. If so, I will start subrogating my facility insurance against the individual nursing policy. If you can do that for $ 100 a year premium, kudos to you.
  9. by   r3sullivan
    CM&F has actually been protecting nurses since 1947 and developed the very first nursing liability insurance in conjunction with the American Nurse Association. There are no doubt some very large players in the market today offering insurance for nurses that are more well known. Our strength here at CM&F is our focus on the little things nurses care about. We do our very best to offer top level and friendly service, a very competitive product and responsiveness to nurses needs. Most of the larger competitors are multinational insurance companies that focus on every industry sector in the world. We at CM&F focus almost entirely on the healthcare market with our nursing program as the foundation. We hope this new partnership will be an opportunity to introduce ourselves to those that have not heard of us before and invite feedback. With all that said we do maintain one of the top 2nd or 3rd largest nurse insurance programs in the country. So although we try to stay true to our core family business roots our business has really grown to more than 100,000 over the years. Thank you - CM&F Group
  10. by   RiskManager
    These sort of affinity marketing programs usually result in the insurance producer (the agent who sells the policy) giving either a cut of the commission or a fee per person referred from the website. These programs are seen as a way to generate leads for the producer, and it also generates income for the operators of the website, who of course have bills to pay.
  11. by   r3sullivan
    Yes great insurance question. We do have the standard "Other Insurance" clause as does all other policies really. That is the industry standard. In terms of paying claims I can assure you over the years we have paid many multi-million dollar claims on nurses behalf and will unfortunately continue to do so in the future. Now with that said just because our policy pays a large amount does not mean the Hospital is off the hook right. The most common occurrence is that all the parties involved assign fault and pay based on that. In terms of seeing the policy we would be more than happy to send a copy. Actually we are in the process of posting a lot of the forms on our website at Home | CM&F. Until then we are happy to share. CM&F Group
  12. by   allnurses
    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    That is nice that they created " Medical Malpractice program" that has the same coverage for the same price as a regular policy on their website. So, it is more of a marketing scheme than a discount for us.
    Thank you for your participation and contribution to this discussion. As we were looking for an insurance partner for this endeavor, we researched high and low. We searched for a reputable company with years of experience writing insurance policies specifically for nurses. We also searched for the best price for the best coverage. Additionally, we wanted a partner that could offer seamless and convenient online registration. We are confident we have formed a winning partnership for our nursing community.

    We are always dedicated to providing fresh, new, relevant, inspiring, and FREE content to nurses and nursing students. We are proud to be able to offer a FREE forum where nurses are able to remain anonymous and speak freely and ask questions. Purchasing medical malpractice (nursing liability) insurance through aMMP allows you to support the site as well as the community.

    It doesn't hurt to shop around and get several quotes when it comes to insurance. We are confident that we have found a cost effective, reputable and convenient option when it comes to medical malpractice insurance for nurses.