allnurses Magazine: New Quarterly Publication For Nurses

  1. We are officially launching our new allnurses Magazine in online and print version today - April 6, 2018.

    allnurses Magazine: New Quarterly Publication For Nurses

    The allnurses Magazine is a free publication with a strong emphasis on Empowering, Uniting, and Advancing nurses.

    We are proud of the in-depth content featured within the pages of this magazine. We have articles from some of our most-talented writers including Beth Hawkes (Nurse Beth), Elizabeth Scala, and Lorie Brown. The allnurses Magazine will host a wide range of RN writers and innovators from across the nursing spectrum.

    The real pride and joy, though, is this issue's cover story. The #NursesTakeDC rally taking place beginning April 25th. Beth Hawkes has written an amazing in-depth article centered around #NursesTakeDC and the related efforts for improved Nurse-Patient ratios. It truly is a must-read for anyone in the nursing profession.

    We also highlight some of our popular content on Facebook, on the site, and share one of our iconic and topical cartoons, and so much more.

    "The new allnurses Magazine is one of many changes we're undertaking to promote nurses and nursing everywhere.", said Mary, Content / Community Director for "This is just the start of the many positive changes coming to"

    Whether you're a long-time user of or coming to us as a new reader, we're happy that you are joining us!

    More information about our magazine can be found at allnurses Magazine.
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  3. by   Julie Carr
    So How can it be printed
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from Julie Carr
    So How can it be printed
    Click on the allnurses Magazine link. On the next screen, click on the PDF option. That will take you to the option to print.

    The online version will allow you to see the embedded links
  5. by   Maureen Bonatch MSN
    This is great!
  6. by   careyo
    Getting back into patient care and would love to have new Jewelry
  7. by   Snatchedwig
    So proud of you guys!
  8. by   Lil Nel
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    Of course, it is those with ties to him, who appear to be the most corrupt (read article in Washington Post about Michael Cohen), but still, daylight on corruption.

    This country is light years away from great.