4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 6

This will be our 4th Caption Contest. Similar to prior Caption Contests the winner will get $100. Good afternoon nurses your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a... Read More

  1. by   TygasPoohbear
    Respect that!!
  2. by   TygasPoohbear
    He'll think twice before yelling at me again!
  3. by   TygasPoohbear
    Meds are not the only thing a nurse uses to knock somebody out!!!
  4. by   dre2317
    So you invented the press ganey survey?!
  5. by   cubanrob
    I know it was your 4th night shift in a row, but sorry that I was 10 minutes late for report, better than my usual 15 minutes.
  6. by   relgis15
    What?! You said you wanted something to knock you out.
  7. by   Shagi
    I'll see you in the ICU.
  8. by   GodsSon128
    I just asked her if she was a real nurse or little play nurse...rn or lpn...
  9. by   Nurse Chef
    I said syncope, NOT "she go pee"!
  10. by   cootvon
    "you know how to make a hormone?" THAWAPPPP!!! after her 16 hour shift, nurse smith is not really interested in your medical jokes
  11. by   nursegirl75
    I just told her that I pay her salary and will have her job if she didn't hand feed me and clean my lazy behind.
  12. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    "Wow! Man you should have drank a V8 instead!"
  13. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    SO! Thats, what happens when you ask them for a coffee with 2 sugars and 1 creamer, . . . . in public."