2018 Winter Nursing Article Contest - 4 Winners - $150 Each!

  1. Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is here. Was one of your New Year's resolutions to start writing? You have come to the right place.

    2018 Winter Nursing Article Contest - 4 Winners - $150 Each!

    It's time for the 2018 WInter Nursing Article Contest. Whether you are an accomplished writer or have just dreamed of being a writer, everyone is encouraged to participate. We've had lots of first-time writers in past contests, and some have even won. If you've ever thought about writing, allnurses is a great place to test your writing skills. And who knows... You may even win!

    Articles must be submitted between January 1st and March 31st.

    $600 in Cash Prizes! The top 4 articles will win $150 each.

    You can write about anything nursing-related for the contest.

    Do you need some inspiration?

    Read through some of the articles and threads posted in the past year. What are nurses talking about? What are some of the issues? What do nurses want to know?

    This contest is not just for nurses. Nursing students can join in too. What are some issues you are facing as a student? The chances are there are others who are struggling with the same issues. Share tips on how you are making it through nursing school.

    Do you need a few helpful tips?

    TIP 1: Articles written with a casual style and answer a frequently asked question are popular with our readers.
    TIP 2: Articles that describe a personal experience will resonate with the readers and usually get the most replies
    TIP 3: The more descriptive and grammatically correct the article is, the better the response from the community.
    TIP 4: Articles written by members who provide helpful feedback on other articles and threads will usually get more views, comments, and shares.
    You can write about anything for the contest: daily work, personal experiences, education, career aspirations, etc. If it's nursing-related, it's acceptable.

    Here are some suggestions:

    • Provide How-to on specific nursing tasks. (good for newbies)
    • Share your most chaotic unforgettable day (no real names please)
    • Share your most gut-wrenching moment with a patient (no real names please)
    • What was the funniest thing you have seen (rated G)?
    • Share an inspiring nursing story
    • Provide insights/challenges for the typical xyz nurse
    • Nursing and Humor

    4 Winners - $150 Each!

    Contest Rules:

    • Check grammar, punctuation, spelling.
    • Must comply with our contest rules and Terms of Service.
    • Must have a minimum of 600 words and be nursing-related.
    • Must be submitted between Jan 1st and Mar 31st.
    • No plagiarism
    • Articles will be reviewed and approved by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.
    • Must be unique; cannot be listed on other websites, blogs, article sites, books, etc. prior to posting on allnurses.
    • Must not contain advertising or embedded self-promotional links.
    • You may submit multiple articles.
    • Please do not use colored text or excessive formatting.
    • You grant permission to allnurses.com rights to publish in social media, magazines, books, etc. You will be notified and credited if published.

    Want to submit an article? Start here: How to Submit an Article

    So... Grab a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and start writing.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!


    The Top 10 articles have now been posted. To vote for the TOP 10: Go to 2018 Winter Article Contest Top 10 - You Pick 4 Winners
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    We are already getting lots of articles. The sooner you get your article in, the more views you will get.
  4. by   Ontarionursing
    Hi there, I just had a question about the contest. If I have previously posted an article can it be entered into the contest as long as it was posted within the time frame?
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from Ontarionursing
    Hi there, I just had a question about the contest. If I have previously posted an article can it be entered into the contest as long as it was posted within the time frame?
    Yes. It will be entered into the contest.
  6. by   Olaleye Jemimah
    Please am having problem in submitting the article.please kindly put me through.
  7. by   Avill
    Just wondering around what time the poll comes out for the top 10?
  8. by   makeitwork
    Did I totally miss the voting and results of the 2017 writing contest? Where can I find the results?
  9. by   Joe V