2018 Spring Nursing Article Contest - 3 Winners $200 Each!!

  1. Although Spring has officially begun, the weather has been very odd across the country. You may have seen glimpses of Spring with warmer weather, blossoming trees, and Spring flowers, only to get snow the following days. The weather may be unpredictable, but it's time once more for the allnurses 2018 Spring Article Contest. Everyone is invited to participate.

    2018 Spring Nursing Article Contest - 3 Winners $200 Each!!

    More than 150 inspiring articles were submitted for the Winter Article Contest. This might be a record. While we are busy reading and selecting the top ten for you to vote on, let's get started with the next contest. Wouldn't it be great to break another record with the number of articles submitted for this contest? We are ready to give away more money.

    If you've always wanted to write about your nursing experiences but don't know where to start, this contest is for you. You don't have to be an experienced writer. You don't even have to be a nurse with years of experience. allnurses is a great place to try out your writing skills and possibly win some money. This could be the start of a writing career for you.

    Next month is Nurses Week, a time for others to express their appreciation to the nursing profession. As an expression of our appreciation, we have a special surprise just in time for Nurses Week. The top 3 articles as voted on by a poll of the members will receive $200 each! The prize money has been increased....just because you deserve it. What you have done and are doing makes a difference in the lives of patients, families, and communities. We want to thank you.

    Articles must be submitted between April 1st and June 29th.

    $600 in Cash Prizes! The top 3 articles will win $200 each.

    You can write about anything nursing-related for the contest.

    Do you need some inspiration?

    Read through some of the articles and threads posted in the past year. What are nurses talking about? What are some of the issues? What do nurses want to know? What does being a nurse mean to you?

    Thousands of nurses from across the country will be headed to DC for the #NursesTakeDC rally April 25th & 26th to fight for safer staffing. allnurses will be there advocating for the nurses and quality patient care. What kinds of unsafe staffing are you experiencing? We would love to share your stories when we go to Washington DC.

    This contest is for everyone: experienced nurses, brand new nurses and students. We don't get enough articles from students. What are some issues you are facing as a student? The chances are there are others who are struggling with the same issues. Share tips on how you are making it through nursing school.

    Do you need a few helpful tips?

    TIP 1: Articles written with a casual style and answer a frequently asked question are popular with our readers.
    TIP 2: Articles that describe a personal experience will resonate with the readers and usually get the most replies
    TIP 3: The more descriptive and grammatically correct the article is, the better the response from the community.
    TIP 4: Articles written by members who provide helpful feedback on other articles and threads will usually get more views, comments, and shares.
    You can write about anything for the contest: daily work, personal experiences, education, career aspirations, etc. If it's nursing-related, it's acceptable.

    Here are some suggestions:

    • Provide How-to on specific nursing tasks. (good for newbies)
    • Share your most chaotic unforgettable day (no real names please)
    • Share your most gut-wrenching moment with a patient (no real names please)
    • What was the funniest thing you have seen (rated G)?
    • Share an inspiring nursing story
    • Provide insights/challenges for the typical xyz nurse
    • Nursing and Humor

    3 Winners - $200 Each!

    Contest Rules:

    • Check grammar, punctuation, spelling.
    • Must comply with our contest rules and Terms of Service.
    • Must have a minimum of 600 words and be nursing-related.
    • Must be submitted between April 1st and June 29th.
    • No plagiarism
    • Articles will be reviewed and approved by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.
    • Must be unique; cannot be listed on other websites, blogs, article sites, books, etc. prior to posting on allnurses.
    • Must not contain advertising or embedded self-promotional links.
    • You may submit multiple articles.
    • Please do not use colored text or excessive formatting.
    • You grant permission to allnurses.com rights to publish in social media, magazines, books, etc. You will be notified and credited if published.
    • All articles will be reviewed at the close of the contest and the top 10 articles will be selected by staff based on a combination of stats, overall quality, and content
    • Winners will be decided by reader vote in a poll of the Top 10.

    Want to submit an article? Start here: How to Submit an Article

    So... Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and a snack and start writing. You could be a winner!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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  3. by   makeitwork
    Since the 2017 Winter contest was cancelled. Can I submit the same article in the current contest?
  4. by   Amanda McGill
    I was wondering what happened to the contest? I submitted and article and never could get confirmation that it "went through". I was unable to confirm and never knew what happened. Why was it cancelled? I guess I missed something!
  5. by   makeitwork
    I did get a reply once that told me that contest was just postponed, but, as we know, no more was said about it. I have inquired since with no response. I used the word "cancelled" because I did not know what word would otherwise apply. I hope we get a response because I was excited to submit my article.
  6. by   Amanda McGill
    Thank you. I was excited as well and I wanted to read everyone else's work. Also, we can not publish our articles anywhere else until we know we are cleared from the contest. When and if our articles get published, let me know which one is your work!
    Thanks again!
  7. by   KlineRN
    Was initially excited about entering the wtiting contest ending in June. So glad I read the comments before I did all that work! Maybe the site will get it together. Not gonna submit work and not hear anything, then contest postponed...
  8. by   GreenMtnRN
    Where do you submit work? Is there a specific contest thread?
  9. by   dianah
    Quote from GreenMtnRN
    Where do you submit work? Is there a specific contest thread?
    You may submit articles by clicking on the link included in the first post of this thread, the explanatory post, and following the instructions in the link.
    If you wish to submit something to a contest, you will need to wait until there is a contest underway on the site and then follow instructions how to submit.
    Thank you for your interest!
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    The Spring Contest is still in progress. You can submit articles until June 29th.

    To vote for the Top 4 Articles in the 2018 WINTER CONTEST, go to
    2018 Winter Article Contest Top 10 - You Pick 4 Winners
  11. by   masonicusRN
    So, the poll will be posted on June 29 and it will include all articles written for allnurses within the contest timeframe?
  12. by   tnbutterfly
    Quote from masonicus
    So, the poll will be posted on June 29 and it will include all articles written for allnurses within the contest timeframe?
    The poll will be posted after staff has time to read and review all the applicable articles posted April 1st - June 29th and then select the top 10. That may take a couple of weeks.
  13. by   tnbutterfly
    There are only 3 more weeks left to submit your article. Don't wait 'til the last minute. The sooner you get your article in, the more traffic it can generate for you.

    This article contest has the highest payout per winner at $200.000 than we've effer offered. YOU COULD WIN!!! But you'll never know if you don't submit an article.
  14. by   tnbutterfly
    There is only 1 week left to submit your articles.

    For some inspiration, read the winning and Top 10 articles from the 2018 Winter Article Contest.