allnurses Launches Nurse Residency Forum

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allnurses Launches Nurse Residency Forum

allnurses has launched a new forum in support of new grads entering nurse residency programs. Within the forum, new grads will be able to post, discuss, and learn from their peers or nursing professionals with advice to offer.

Nurse residency programs prepare new grads to bridge the gap between educational training and real-world patient care in clinical settings. These programs typically last from six to 12 months and provide nurses with everything they need to transition into their professional careers.

Benefits of Contributing to the Nurse Residency Forum

Contributing to allnurses' nurse residency forum offers several advantages:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Members can share experiences, advice, and resources and gain insights into different aspects of nurse residency programs.
  • Skill Development: Discussing and explaining experiences in the nurse residency forum can help refine your skills, encourage critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Feedback: Engaging in the nurse residency program can facilitate feedback on various issues that aren't addressed elsewhere. This can lead to improvements in discourse, eventually leading to the quality of nurse residency programs and their effects on nursing as an industry.

How to Contribute to the Nurse Residency Forum

To contribute, navigate to the  Nurse Residency forum. To start a general discussion about a nurse residency program, title the post by School Name + 'New Grad Residency' + Cohort. For example: UCLA New Grad Residency Summer 2024.

Within the post description, add anything you'd like to discuss in particular. Some common ones include:

  • Updates on acceptance
  • Has anyone had experience in the residency program and what did they think?
  • Is the residency program worth it?
  • What should new grads entering the residency prepare for?
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