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allnurses and further education

mercyteapot specializes in Dev. Disabilities, Health Disparities.

How allnurses influenced you to further your education?

  1. 1. How allnurses influenced you to further your education?

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      Yes, I've gone back to school at least partially as a result of participating on allnurses
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      Yes, it has influenced me to look into furthering my education
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      Yes, it has influenced me into at least considering furthering my education
    • 10
      No, it hasn't influenced me to further my education

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This topic has come up on the nursing blogs. Has participating on allnurses influenced your decision to further your education?

In my case, I can say yes, it has. For many years, I had a nagging desire to go back and a nice long list of reasons why I couldn't do it. After reading post after post from other people with more barriers in their way than I had, I decided to start looking for a way to go back. I did so last year and just finished last week.

Ted specializes in ICU/CCU (PCCN); Heme/Onc/BMT.

After receiving my A.S. in Nursing, I later went on to receive my B. S. in Nursing. But this was several years before I joined Allnurses.

I stumbled across this site while research new careers. After visiting this site for general information and pros and cons of nursing, I decided to become a nurse.

Wish me luck, one year to go.

Tweety specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.

I always wanted to go back and just put it on the back burner. Allnurses encouraged and has been a tremendous support.

hlfpnt specializes in LTAC, Homehealth, Hospice Case Manager.

Yes. I've applied to & been accepted to an on-line BSN course & will start fall semester..

TCRNCOB61 specializes in L&D, M/B.

I to am starting back to school after 18 years....... I just took the math placement test yesterday and bombed it!!! It's been 27 yrs. since I have taken honors math in high school and it's no longer in my brain. I have to start over.

I am going for my BSN, I am looking at it taking me about 5 yrs. with me taking one class at a time.


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