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allheart.com customer service?


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Despite complaints from others here about shipping time, I figured I had long enough and went ahead and ordered some supplies. Got it all pretty quickly, considering, about 6 days. Unfortunately, one item was not packed in the box and I need it NOW. I've emailed them three times now and sent a fax this morning, but still no word from them. Anyone have any suggestions for how to get the rest of my order?

I had the same thing happen to me! Did you get the missing item?


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Yes, finally, but it was more than three weeks after I'd placed the order. I am extremely disappointed with their customer service and probably will not order from them again.


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I had an item back ordered with allheart.com. I sent several emails trying to change the item to something in stock, but was ignored, even though this was listed as an option in my receipt. It would be nice if their website showed whether an item was in stock or not! I was getting frantic because it was a nursing pin and I needed it for my pinning ceremony.

So a month later, I finally got an email letting me know that the original pin I ordered was being shipped, AND they charged me an additional $17.90 to ship it! I sent another email complaining about the extra charge, and I got a form response several days later saying it was a "glitch in the system". The $17.90 was refunded, but I've never dealt with such poor customer service from an online company before. I won't be shopping with them again.

If only zappos.com sold nursing supplies!


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I don't order from them any more. I had a problem once with a backordered item about which they never notified me and when I cancelled the order it took weeks to get properly credited.



Thanks! I bookmarked 'em both and will never use Allheart.com ever again.

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i just ordered a personalized stethoscope from them a few days ago .. first my order was "on hold" and i was asked to email them at the address provided and got no response til today. Then it was "pending", now its "being processed" .. it really sucks that they dont have a customer service NUMBER and you have to wait til they get back to YOU ..

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