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I am a first year Nursing student, in my first semester. I have Nursing, A&P and Medical Calculations this semester. I just finished clinicals and I loved the experience, but I am so overwhelmed with stress. I have been carrying a 3.71 GPA on all of my pre-req classes, now I am barely getting B's in all 3 classes. Anything below a 78 is failing in my school. My husband is being very encouraging, and says that I am putting too much pressure on myself by wanting to be perfect. It is not that I want to be perfect, it is just that I want to be the best nurse I can possibly be. I know I am blabbering, but I guess, I would just like to here from some other students farther along to tell me that it will get better. I know it is going to get harder and I don't mind that. But I just want to be more confidant in what I am doing. Thanks for any advice. :confused:


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hi nurse2b,

I remember feeling that exact way and it will get better, but you just can't expect to get straight A's in nursing school it is too hard even if you put in hours of studying. Listen to your husband he is right you are putting too much pressure on yourself. you will be a good nurse if you get C's, B's or A's okay so try to relax and be happy with C's they are not that bad okay.!!!!!!:p


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Hi Nurse2b,

I was like you two months ago and now I have learned to relax myself. Just do your best and think about ways to make studying easier. I was so stressed, My friend Janleb had to tell me to calm down.

Just hang in there my dear, it will get better.


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I graduate a month from today!! I wouldn't say the schooling gets better-for me it got harder but you've got to keep your eye on the big picture..Hang in there and you will do fine.Also your patients don't know if you made all A's or all C's as long as you take care of them..Take care,and pray often,you will definetly need GOD to guide you through this!! :)


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Dear Nurse2BinNC,

Hang in there, I am in my final semester and am still having days where I don't think I'm going to make it and feel very overwhelmed. Just remember you are an intelligent and caring person. You will make it and it will be worth it. You've got a lot of great experiences ahead of you, you also have a lot of gray days out there too. Remember to use your resources and don't get too hung up on grades. I'm also very proud of my GPA (a lot of hard work and friends have been known to call me anal :) ) and was dismayed to see it going south during nursing school. When I finally let go of that stressor things did get easier. As everyone reminds me the boards are pass/fail and not graded. Stop being so hard on yourself and try to let go of the little things. It does get better!!


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I, too, was putting those high expectations on myself. I had to learn to let go of the straight A, and let it happen that I got a B. It was a real shock for me to deal with, but I am dealing.

I am still doing the best I can, and am hanging in there without a lot of stress from that direction.

It will get better.

We are here for you, let it hang out here.



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Thanks everyone for the support! I had a much better day today. I was so stressed yesterday, I had taken 2 test, one in A & P on the Muscle system and one in Nursing on Fluids and Electrolytes, acids/base imbalances. I was sure I had failed both of them, but I didn't I passed both. Wahoo!!. I have spoke to my advisor and she says that I am doing fine, to relax some and enjoy the experiences. I am going to try very hard to do just that. But I am definatly looking forward to Christmas break to relax and not have to stress so much. Thanks agian, for all the support and advice.


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WOW!! Now I really know what I am in for.... I start the ADN program in January, and I know its gonna be stressful, but reading all of these posts makes me really realize how hellish it really will be... Our instructors told us to go ahead and get our books asap and start looking over our first objectives, because our first test is 3 weeks after class starts and is over half a book... And the bookstore was nice enough to tell me that the books probably won't be ready till the end of December... Alot of good that will do....:confused:

How was everyones first semester set up??? What did ya'll check off on, etc.... Just curious about the different programs...


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First semesters are always a little unpredictable. My suggestion would be to learn normal vital signs for adults, and for peds/infants. I have a clipboard that I bought at the campus bookstore that has normal ranges for vitals, ABGs, growth charts, abbreviations, etc. It was 22 dollars I think, but it was SOOOO worth it. It also has a big calculator on the clip which I used to adding volumes, and doing quick dosage calculations. After a while, I didnt have to look at the chart anymore, they were just stuck in my head :) I know they sell them online somewhere if your bookstore doesnt have them. If you need help finding one, if you are interested in getting one, let me know, and I will find one online for you, (or anyone else interested).

SKIM the books ahead of time if you want, but if you are anything like me, if I read really far in advance, I wont remember the material for the test. School is stressful enough, but it you manage your time effectively it decreases it, it doesnt eliminate your stress by any means, but atleast you wont be pulling your hair out on a daily basis :) We have all been there, and know what you are going through :) There's a light at the end of the tunnel, i PROMISE :)

Good luck, and we will all be here for you when you need us :)



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Just to put your mind at ease. I have been a nurse for 11 years, I did not get straight A"s in nursing school(noone did) Just do the best you can. I have never had a patient ask...what rank did you achieve in nursing school. I have had patients thank me for the caring, kind, compassionate, empathetic care I provide. A lot of nuring is heart, the rest you learn on the job. Not to say skills aren't important, or you don't need anatomy, you do, but things will come easier once you set them into practice. I still learn new things everyday. Chin up----Stick with it, we need you.

If you ever hae any questions, bring them to the board or privately e-mail someone.


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