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All of this reading!!!


Monday was my first day, yay! There is so much reading in all of my classes! Any tips on getting JUST the reading done? Do you just skim or actually read word for word in each chapter? I don't really like to take notes during reading bc idk what to note, everything seems vital. Help!

I usually just skimmed the readings. The only time I actually read through the chapter thoroughly was if I was having trouble understanding something.

Everything seems vital in nursing school. What is really important is what your instructor says in class. That's what's going to be on the exam. You will learn as you go on how much of the information in the book your instructor tests on.good luck!

Thank you so much!

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Look at the charts in the book, that may help you visualize some of the what you're reading.

In my program, the tests are almost completely off the lecture/slide shows. I always make sure to make notecards based on the chapter objectives, and any key points during lecture as well. My instructors are really awesome and will often say, "I would write this down, but that's just me!" as a hint that it will be on our quiz/test.

I find that reading the chapters can be really overwhelming for me, so first I take all my notes, pay attention during lecture, and skim over the chapter IF I don't feel like I'm confident that I'll pass the quiz. Different methods work for different people, though. You have to find what works for you! :)

Our books are Evolve/Elsevier and they actually allow us to create an account on the website and register our books so we can take practice chapter exams and things like that. It's a great tool! Check if your books have something like that. :)

Good luck!