I finished the Beginning Algebra from ALEKS. I called ALEKS and they said that they have never heard of anyone ever using ALEKS for college credit. I called EC and they said that ALEKS is the one who sends in the transcript to ACE. I called ACE and they have no freaking idea what I am talking about. Someone for the love of kittens, tell me what do I do now since I have finished up the math requirement from ALEKS. I am about to scream. Also, does it matter if I signed up through ALEKS and not ACE?


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[h=2]Instructions to Receive ACE Credit for an ACE Credit-Recommended ALEKS Course:[/h]

  • Create an ALEKS Independent Use account and register in an ALEKS ACE credit-recommended course. Work in your course and assess at 70% or greater on the course material.
  • Register with the ACE Credit Online Transcript System and submit a transcript request.
  • ALEKS Corporation will receive the transcript request and verify if you have assessed at 70% or greater on the course material. This usually takes ALEKS Corporation approximately three business days.
    • If you have assessed at 70% or greater, you will receive an email from ACE when processing is complete. This usually takes approximately 1-3 business days for ACE to complete.
    • If your request is denied, you can continue to work in your ALEKS Pie until you have assessed at 70% or greater on the course material, and then resubmit a transcript request following the steps above.

    [*] The ACE transcript can be used to request college credit at educational institutions that grant credit for ACE credit-recommended courses.


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Thanks for your help. I finally got to talk to someone who actually wanted to help me. The lady at ALEKS told me that EC was no longer using them. She didn't know what she was taking about. Pissed me off.


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So, does Excelsior still accept ALEKS for the math requirement? If so, what is the easiest ALEKS course to take that will satisfy the math requirement ?