1. Hi everyone!!
    I just moved here from California and was looking into UAA for the nursing program. I was wondering if you guys/girls could help me out bit.

    1) Is there a waitlist for the ADN?
    2) I heard it is easier to get into the BSN program. Is this correct?
    3) I heard that a Vocational school named Charter College will be starting an ADN program in December. Have you heard anything about this? Is it an o.k. school?
    4) Is UAA the ONLY nursing program avail?

    Thanks alot everyone!! Hope to here from you soon!!
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  3. by   akmt
    Hi Ashlie... So i hope I can be of some assistance. I'm an Alaskan and went to UAA just to do my prerequisites and then went out of state for nursing school due to UAA's 12-18 month waitlist for the BSN program. I know that if you have the minimum GPA and all the classes you can apply for the BSN and you will get in. But you have to wait depending and how long you wait is dependent upon how good your GPA is and some other factors ( like if your a male). The ADN program is super competitive and I heard many people have darn near 4.0 to get in to it.. but UAA has a really good program. Yes it is the only place in the state that offers a BSN and i don't know about charter college. Hope this helps