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  1. Hi, I am very interested in moving up to Alaska within the next year. I currently live in Austin Tx and have started my nursing career down here. By the time my lease is up I will have 10 months of med/surg experience. I know its not a lot but I am looking for a change and something different. Can anyone shed some light on working in these two areas of Alaska... I'd greatly appreciate any insight you can share... Thanks!!!
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  3. by   OutOfStater
    I don't know anyone who has worked in either place as an RN. But I can tell you living in either will be hugely different from Austin. Both are bush communities that are far off the road system, so any/all transportation in and out is via plane. Prices are incredibly expensive compared to what you will be used to, but it's a trade off for an entirely different style of life. Great caribou hunting out of Kotz and Barrows native community takes their quote of whales most years.

    Good luck! Both will be an adventure.
  4. by   exnavygirl-RN
    I have RN friends that have worked in both locations and LOVED it. They both agreed that one or two years is the max they can handle since it is so isolated, etc. It's on my bucket list to work in one of those locations sometime in the future.
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    You should know this about Barrow, there is a beautiful woman behind every tree!
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