Have lpn should I pursue Rn before moving?

  1. Hello I currently have my LPN license and was wondering if I should pursue my RN before moving or dive right in make the move. I plan on doing the LPN to BSN regardless of location. But I just am so ready to start my life in Alaska, but don't know if I should wait or go for it. Any advice on the Anchorage nursing area would be great. I currently live in TN. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   LessValuableNinja
    I have no idea if this is still true, but there used to be an RN shortage in AK, and companies were paying relocation expenses. It's worth checking to see if that applies to LPNs as well, or just RNs.
  4. by   NorthernNurse BSN,RN
    Hi Stephymay, I know this comment is a few weeks late, but I live in the Anchorage area. I have only come across a few LPNs working in clinics. The only LPN I have ever come across working in a hospital setting was in the military base in the ER, and she was a travel LPN... Also, she mentioned that she could only function as she does in a military base due to scope of practice restrictions in AK... Not sure exactly how it works, but because she was practicing on federal land, she was able to do more. If you look at some of the major hospitals in the area (Providence, Alaska Regional, Alaska Native Medical Center) there are a few positions available for LPNs. If you have experience, I doubt you would have any trouble finding a job! Cost of living is high in Anchorage, but nurses are paid well which helps. Good luck!
  5. by   alissa10
    I would definitely consider being aN RN before you move. Whether it's a private ASN or online to bridge, or community ASN and then work to getting your BSN