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Does anyone have any info about working in Alaska? I am especially interested in critical care units both adult and peds. Thanks a lot! Merideth... Read More

  1. by   astnm
    I am a RN at Providence Alaska Medical Center in the Progressive Care Unit. I graduated from UAA and started out as a new grad in the PCU. This is a step down unit from their ACC (ICU). They have great RN intern positions for new grads. You can find job openings at and apply online.
    If you want info about moving to Anchorage, Alaska take a look at This site has a lot of links for the information that you need. Getting a job in Anchorage is not hard at all. Good luck!!!
  2. by   thepenartist
    You don't have any contact information listed. I would like to be able to chat with you. I would like to hear more about your daily experiences in the area you are in; as well as hearing the details of working in the facility, too.

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  3. by   Llamagirl
    Hi hiker_rn

    I too would like to hear more about nursing in your area. Could I have some contact information. We travel to Alaska every summer and am always fascinated and would like to hear more about nursing there.

  4. by   nursegottabe
    All of this is so exciting reading all the comments about people interested in moving to Alaska. I still have a year before I graduate an RN then I think I need to put at least 2 years of experience under my belt before we pack up. Is that right. I think they would look down on someone who brings a license and doesn't have experience. I'm talking about an LPN license, just in case I don't make it through the RN program.Right? Right now I'm an LPN. The only practice I've had is being a medical assistant. I will start back in school in january. My husband is interested in Homer or Kenai. He lived in Alaska for 5 years in the military and just loved it. Of course this was before my time. Anyway, I'm reading everything I can about it.
  5. by   NurseExec
    I lived in Eagle River (just north of Anchorage) and worked at Alaska Regional in the ICU/CCU from 1997-2000. At that time, it was a great unit to work in, and I had nothing but good experiences with the hospital. We did quite a few open hearts, and that was my main focus.

    We moved there from Missoula, Montana--so I had some idea of how to deal with living in a cold climate. However, that first winter was a doozy. Nothing really prepares you for the sheer amount of snow, the short days (about 4 hours of daylight in Anchorage in December), and the length of the winter. Summers are short (a few months) and it's never dark.

    Being bipolar, the light changes were brutal on me, and after a divorce, I bailed for a warmer climate.
  6. by   NICUQueen
    I have 20 yrs. experience in NICU and would consider working and living in Alaska if I knew I could get a job there. Is it difficult getting a job in a specialty unit like NI in Anchorage or Fairbanks?


    Linda <><
  7. by   nursegottabe
    Hi nurseexec, How did it feel to get up in the morning knowing you had the weather to contend with? How do you prepare for your trip to work?