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i was just curious if anyone has signed up for this program this for 2010? if so i would like to know how your experience had been so far and if you did your pre req there. i am thinking about... Read More

  1. by   CRNBSN18
    I actually didn't know they had such a program..
  2. by   redstepchild
    they don't graduate until mid June.
  3. by   rodgers31
    Hi, I'm currently in the LPN program at Virginia College of Jackson. I was wondering did you finish the program and if so were you able to sit for boards?
  4. by   StudentMommy83
    Quote from talldude
    Congrats! I spoke with an admissions rep in Montgomery and she gave me some of the details over the phone (costs, times of classes, etc)....very nice lady.

    Heading down to the campus on Monday to check out everything. I too don't want to wait 2+ years to get into a program.

    Hey! I'm very curious about Virginia College, I have taken most of my pre-reqs at Wallace in Selma. I work full-time at a doctors office so their evening classes would be ideal to me but I've heard mixed things about the school. My main concern is when I graduate will I be able to sit for the NCLEX and what schools will allow me to Bridge to BSN. I contacted Troy but haven't received a reply, I thought if I took all of my pre-reqs at a SACS accredited school then as long as I have my ASN degree accredited by the National League of Nursing then I could bridge with no problem but some people are telling me thats not the case.

    I have applied for a LPN program at Wallace that is also 5 semesters then Id have to work for 500 hrs then bridge to RN for 3 semesters. Well, if I could get my RN at VC in 5 semesters why waste that time?

    Just wanted to see what youve heard!
  5. by   StudentMommy83
    Did you ever start the program at Virginia College? If so hows it going
  6. by   raina2891
    @Studentmommy83 Have you tried applying to Troy Montgomery its a 5 semester ASN. I have not heard good things about Virginia College. Right now a graduate from there cannot transfer their credits over if they want to get a BSN. You can be an RN but you can't get your BSN without taking those classes somewhere else over again. Virginia College is a for-profit school so make sure what their telling you is the truth. They are shady from what I've heard.
  7. by   StudentMommy83
    Yeah I've looked in TSUM and while their program is awesome! I was really looking for an evening program so I can continue to work. I saw CACC has a 7 semester RN program and a 5 semester delayed progam, not sure if delayed just means part-time or if they do offer night classes. I'm currently a medical assistant thru Baptist and paid pretty well given being only a MA. I was looking into possibly an LPN evening program and then bridging to RN, I would like to ultimately be a Nurse Practicioner..but thats a long way away! I just hate to do a 5 semester LPN program when I know I could do that as a RN.

    I'm only 27 but I feel like I'm getting old and need to get my career in order super fast!
  8. by   peachsodapixie
    I will be starting this program today at VC in bham. Does anyone know howlong it's gonna take the scrubs to come back? Noone I have asked knows a date or roundabout date. Thanks
  9. by   mzkatlb
    It's gonna be about 2 months before you get your scrubs.
  10. by   peachsodapixie
    Ok thanks!!
  11. by   megreen1
    There have been rumors here and there about VC not being accredited. Someone posted earlier this year that they got their degree there, now can't use it because they're not accredited and she wasn't even allowed to take the NCLEX. I may be wrong, but worth making sure for anyone who reads this thread.
  12. by   mzkatlb
    I don't know about what other ppl say but the first RN class just graduated in March. They're currently in the process of taking the NCLEX & I know this because I'm currently a student @ Virginia College. They're not accredited yet but once the first class pass the NCLEX they will be.

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