Starting pay for LPN in Alabama?

  1. Hi, I have been going through the forums here looking for starting lpn salaries in Alabama. I really havent found a definite answer. Does anyone know the starting pay for lpn's? I am in Tuscaloosa but interested in different counties also. --This isn't going to make me change my mind to finish school I am honestly just curious!! Thanks!
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  3. by   hcox1975
    I was an LPN before I became an RN. As a new LPN I was offered anywhere from $12-$17 an hour and that was in nursing homes. Good luck!
  4. by   vinsonbm
    Quote from hcox1975
    I was an LPN before I became an RN. As a new LPN I was offered anywhere from $12-$17 an hour and that was in nursing homes. Good luck!

    Hey thanks for the reply! I am definetly going to get my RN. I just didn't want to wait around on the list so I decided to go ahead and get my LPN and then bridge. I was thinking between 14-15 so I guess I was close. I will hope for the the 17. Once agian, thanks for the info!
  5. by   Dazglue
    At my hospital they start out around at 18 bucks.
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  6. by   vinsonbm
    Hey thanks for the reply. I live in Tuscaloosa and currently the hospital here is not hiring any new lpns. Hopefully something will change by the time I finish school. Looks like I may have a commute though.........
  7. by   shun85
    Im a LPN & i work in the birmingham/hoover area. at the ltc facility i worked at i was paid $16.00 an hr on day shift and $17.50 for evening shift. at the local hospital im paid close to 16$ an hr now. i also work with a staffing agency that pays $22/hr. i have two years experience as a lpn. LTC always pay lpn's better, if youre looking for a decent pay. However i love the hospital im working at. i work within a clinic setting, so im paid less but the convience makes up for it. (i have weekends/ holidays off. unlike the LPN's working on the med floors) hope this helps!
  8. by   bowie80
    I just graduated summer of 2013, and am in Baldwin county in Alabama. Most nursing homes offer $16 hr with shift dif of 1-1.75 hr. I wanted to work in a clinic/dr office, and most don't hire lpn anymore. (Now that they can hire MA, s and pay only minimum wage) The hospitals don't hire LPN's anymore. So unless you want to work in long term care, you def should go back to school for RN.
  9. by   snichols
    I'm an LPN in Baldwin county and have lived and worked in Tuscaloosa as well. I've been a LPN for 12 years. I have made all different salaries. I'm tuscaloosa I was paid $13 and change for nights at DCH (they no longer hire LPNS) and made $15 ish at a nursing home days and at an office. In Baldwin county your above poster is wrong. To me, it seems every office wants LPNS not RNs. They don't want to pay more. I've made 43k a year salary and when that dr retired I started with the infirmary in an office. Great benefits but the pay sucks. Not much over $14.
  10. by   chantel.denson26
    Hi getting ready to start back in nursing school. I finished my first block of LPN so I'm asking any new graduates of any advise you can give me on starting back. Reid State
  11. by   MzTeeJay1
    I used to work/live in Birmingham AL. The best place I've found to answer salary questions for any area in the country is, I found them to be pretty accurate.