phenix city

  1. does anyone know what the hospitals are like in and around phenix city?
    are any travellers employed at there, we have family there and would like some info please..........thanks
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  3. by   msteresa97
    Hi There,

    I live in Phenix City and a new hospital called "Summit Hospital" just opened in August. Very nice hospital. There is also Columbus, GA which is right across the line and it has 4 hospitals: Doctors Hospital, The Medical Center, St. Francis, and The Hughston Hospital. Most people in Phenix City work in Columbus, But since the new hospital opened in Phenix City, it has given some opportunities for those living in Phenix City to work there. All four hospitals in Columbus are very good hospitals. As far as any travelers employed, I'm not sure about that. I hope this helps.
  4. by   Lindsay42
    I just asked about Phenix City/Columbus in the Georgia thread. I've heard about Summit, looks nice. I knew about St. Francis, but not the other three. Thanks so much! I will moving to the area in December

    cariad: there is also Martin Army Hospital on Ft. Benning.
  5. by   cariad
    thanks for the info, at least i have some names to start with.