New Grads Finding Jobs?

  1. I've been working PRN for a private duty company since graduation in Aug 2009. The hours have fallen off drastically and I'm only being offered CNA work for CNA pay. How are other recent grads in the B'ham / Gadsden / Huntsville area doing?

    By the way I'm an LPN.
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  3. by   diamondmeadows
    I graduated with a BSN in May. I have been actively searching for employment since graduation, and I have not even had one interview.

    I'm sorry to hear about you losing your hours. I'm starting to worry that I will never get a job.
  4. by   bethann27
    From what I'm hearing from recruiters there are lots of nurses seeking jobs. Thus, it makes it a little harder for new grads. Hopefully, this thread can be one of encouragement. Looking and not getting a response can begin to wear on the ole get up and go.

    I have had my sights set on LTC in a retirement community that gives great care for awhile now . . . but may start looking into a doctors offices etc. if necessary.

    Best of luck to us
  5. by   09RN
    Im a new grad and I got a job but its not in Birmingham. Im traveling to Tuscaloosa to work. If you are willing to drive I believe they are still hiring. Its a tough market right now for new grads. Best of Luck and dont give up!
  6. by   bethann27
    My hours are back up this week . . . and I've also had an interview for a part-time position at Somerby @ St. Vincent's 119!:spin:
  7. by   diamondmeadows
    Glad to hear it!
  8. by   bethann27
    How about an update on the job seekers?

    I decided not to accept the position @ Somerby . . . .was offered full time position elsewhere. Yipee! :spin: Anyone else?
  9. by   matchsticktgt
    not exactly, I'm currently a student in clinicals...and one of the nurses on my floor is a new graduate (August 2009!) RN, and they are orienting another new graduate nurse, so that is two new graduates with jobs!! They are both RNs, and both are BSN, although to my knowledge that is a plus, not a requirement.

    St. Vincent's east also has quite a few LPN positions posted as open on their website.
  10. by   bethann27
    Those positions at St. Vincent's are for the most part part - time or PRN. If you are a student start looking for a job now - you'll be glad you did. It's fairly easy to find PRN's without benefits, but if you think you'll like regular full time work get a job lined up. I thought my PRN job I had during nursing school would keep me busy, but those hours were inconsistent. Good Luck!
  11. by   matchsticktgt
    The two that I am referring to are full-time employees - while I'm sure that they are the exception rather than the norm, I found it somewhat reassuring that someone, even though not me landed jobs! And they do seem to have numerous prn/part-time positions, which would be good for students like me who will be transitioning into the LPN-RN mobility program just as soon as I'm through with the LPN portion (long story, too boring for details). Just because they are new graduates, that doesn't mean that they were not patient care techs, etc. for the hospital before passing their NCLEX...I'm just tired of all the bad news and thought we could use some not so bad news
  12. by   vincejojo
    Quote from bethann27
    How about an update on the job seekers?

    I decided not to accept the position @ Somerby . . . .was offered full time position elsewhere. Yipee! :spin: Anyone else?
    count me. thank God