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I just wanted to start a post for the LSCC hopefulls! Please post if you know what the point cutoff is for the fall or if you have received your letter, or etc. Let's get this thing rolling & good... Read More

  1. by   justshe
    waiting waiting waiting...blah
  2. by   nisha109
    I emailed Ms Young at the Bessemer Campus and she said that we should receive letters by the
    last week in July. I applied at both campuses. I got a 180 points, hope that gets me in. I don't have any other classes to take. Good luck everyone!!!!
  3. by   2Nurture1
    OMG! 250 applicants! Ok, now I'm worried.... This news has come as a surprise. I haven't gotten my acceptance letter yet, but I have been frantically checking the mail box daily. I may have around 180 points, not sure about the 11 points and how they're applied exactly. But I've done everything possible to get into this year's program. I've made A's in all my Biology classes, decent score on Compass reading, 3.5 gpa, and not to mention the many sacrifices I've made for this program. If I don't get in this go round, I will be absolutely devastated.
    I called Lawson today to inquire about when the letters would be sent out, and they told me during the last week of July. Which is sort of last minute if you ask me. A few other schools have already sent out their letters to students for the Fall semester program.
    However, I wish you all the best, and hope that everyone on this thread is accepted. Be sure to post when you all receive your letters as I will do the same. Take care and God bless....
  4. by   justshe
    It is kinda weird that they are sending the letters out so late. I have orientation for Wallace on the 14th and 15th even though Lawson/Bessemer is my first choice. Oh well, nothing to do now but WAIT.
  5. by   nisha109
    :uhoh21: Ok,the wait is killing me. Has anyone heard anything?
  6. by   justshe
    not a peep!
  7. by   Alert&Oriented
    From what I know, the head honchos had a meeting today, to pick the ones who will be accepted - letters will go out next week, according to Ms. Young. This is very close to the beginning of Fall semester . . .but as long as I get in, I don't care . . .applied for LPN day at Bessemer. Took three classes over the summer at Jeff State and I am exhausted, but still excited. Good Luck everyone!!!!!
  8. by   Alert&Oriented
    OK, any day now
  9. by   Mzjez
    You should know by wednesday at the very latest, they made the final discision on thursday.
  10. by   Alert&Oriented
    Are you an applicant also? Did you make it? Gosh I am nervous now!
  11. by   Mzjez
    Lawson is sending letters out today, you should know by thursday at the latest! Hurray!
  12. by   Cvrgul
    About time! Thx 4 the info.!!!
  13. by   2Nurture1
    I am with you Alert, ANY DAY NOW!!! I'm literally going to pull my hair out if I have to wait yet another week for this letter. We can't register, they won't inform you over the phone nor in person, so basically just at a stand-still.This is ridiculous.

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