Jeff State Fall 2012

  1. I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.
    I'm hoping to start the fall semester at the Jefferson campus. If I did the calculations correctly, I have 205 points on the checklist. Good luck everyone; I hope to see you this fall.
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  3. by   n.igmatic1
    Hi, I am also applying for the Jeff State Fall 2012 program. I am trying to decide whether to go full-time or the nights and weekends route. Depending on my math scores from this semester, I have calculated that I should have either 212.5 or 228.5 if somehow I end up with an A in math... I was told by one of the advisors that even if I have high points I may not get in. My GPA is 3.3, I have As in almost all pre-reqs (math is pending), I have a clean background and I scored 85 on the TEAS V. Has anyone else been told that points may not get you in?
  4. by   kngsbard
    That's the opposite of what I was told. The advisor told me that it's all about the points on the checklist. And looking through these lists for previous semesters, the cutoff is usually around 185-ish (of course, it will just depend on how many people have how many points). But it's really up to them I suppose.
  5. by   n.igmatic1
    That is what I thought. Considering the advisor did not ask my name or pull up my records, I took what she said with a grain of salt. All in all, she was not very helpful. Though she is listed as the nursing advisor, she said she had no information to give me about either program so that I could try and weigh pros and cons of full time vs. part time. I did hear that for Fall 2011 the median points were 180, Spring 2012 was a 170 average, and Summer was 150-160. Thank you for the validation. Good luck in the program!
  6. by   nbrakefield
    I am applying for the Fall 2012 semester as well! Anyone have any idea what the cutoff will be? My score should be a 221. I am hoping that will get me into the program this fall!
  7. by   n.igmatic1
    With 221, you should be in a good position. Unfortunately, until the deadline passes on Monday, there is no way to venture a guess as to what the cut off will be. Last fall was roughly 180-185 for the full time program from what I was told.
  8. by   missionary4peace
    I probably have no chance but I applied with 168 points. I made a 118/150 on the TEAS V and have one A & one B in the two pre-reqs that I took. Do they use any kind of affirmative action to make sure each class is culturally diverse?
  9. by   MistyWinters
    Good luck everyone I applied with 210 points. 120 of my points are from the TEAS V. @Sparrowfeather I hope they don't do that because that would be extremely unfair!I wonder how long it'll be before we hear if we are accepted or not.
  10. by   Pom16
    I applied with 188 points so I am very nervous since that is so close to past cut offs. I actually do not live in Alabama but was looking to move to Birmingham with my boyfriend whom is starting grad school at UAB in the fall. I looked on the fall 2011 thread and they found out at the very end of June. But I hope we find out sooner this year!
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  11. by   kngsbard
    Well... the deadline for tunring in applicarions was about 20 minutes ago. (just thought I would put a timestamp here for future years) Good luck again everybody.
  12. by   Troyz5464
    I also applied for the fall night and weekend program. My total score I applied with was a 221. The nursing advisor said the program is very difficult to get In to due to the ability for people to work and go to school simultaneously. I hope we get a call soon, it's so nerve racking waiting to know since they only accept once a year. I would hate to have to wait until next year to try again. I hope I'm not the only male in the entire class haha. Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you all in orientation.
  13. by   n.igmatic1
    Good luck everyone! The next few weeks are going to be nerve wracking. To which campus/ program did each of you apply? Maybe chatting will help time pass a bit more quickly Again, good luck to us all!
  14. by   nbrakefield
    I am already nervous and the deadline was yesterday! I am hoping that we get phone calls or letters quicker than previous classes, but I don't want to rush it because I am enjoying summer!! I applied to the Jefferson campus.