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Hi, everyone. :wavey: I am new around the boards and have a question. I have attended JSCC in the past and am planning on reapplying for admission to the nursing program for the Spring '08... Read More

  1. by   bigmanRN
    188 and 185 are great point totals. That would have gotten you into the last two classes. Congrats on your totals. I hope to see you guys there. I would prefer the Part-time program but will take full time to keep from waiting for another part-time program to begin. My first campus choice is Jefferson since I live 3 miles away. But, I will take Shelby if I had to.
  2. by   indieflower
    I will be applying for both Jefferson and Shelby Campus. I live in Alabaster. I'm thinking about moving out when I get into school. I want to widen my chances of getting into the program by choosing both programs
  3. by   09RN
    This is an FYI that I was told last year. They mapquest your address and you get selected for the campus you live closest to. Now Im not 100% sure about this its just something I was told. Might want to ask James about that.

    I was also told where you start is where you finish. I did want to do the St. Vincent's route but it does take alot longer. Im so ready to start!

    5 weeks and counting till we know !!!!
  4. by   indieflower
    I didn't know that.....
  5. by   starzzmom
    I am waiting on one more transcript (my primary one!) to get here. I have called them twice and it was supposedly mailed out a week ago. It should have only taken two days to get here...grrrrrr. The two transcripts that I had to pay for came within two days of my request.

    I stupidly thought that since Jeff State had my transcripts already on file that I was in good shape. My application was returned last week because it did not have the transcripts with it. Now I am scrambling to get it re-submitted in time.

    Can someone double check my points with me?

    99 Compass
    30 A&P 1 (A)
    30 A & P 2 (A)

    I am using Math 100 from my original bachelors degree from many moons ago. It is a B
    Am I correct in thinking that it is 20 points and then an additional 5 or 6 points? Can someone verify that I am calculating this correctly? Thanks!!!
  6. by   indieflower
    I know JeffState starting bucklin down about those transcripts last year for that very reason. A girl that works with me turned in her app and they sent it back. One of her previous schools wouldn't not send her the transcript, only the school. I am not sure the exact calculations, I just know when I had 171, and if I made an A in Bio 202 it will increase to a 181. SO I'm not sure on the calculations.
  7. by   09RN
    Here's the break down of points: A=30 pts B=20 pts. C=10pts
    Math 100 or higher is good because you can use that grade and since you got a B in it that gives you 20pts plus the full 11 pts in the math section. From my calculations that would give you 190 Her's the break down:

    30=A&P 1
    30= A&P 2
    20= Math 100

    I hope you get your transcript because that will be the only thing holding you from getting in. By the way I have the same points as you do!! Hope we both make it together!!
  8. by   starzzmom
    I actually called my mother and had her go over to the school and pick up my transcript and she is going to FedEx it to me. I also applied to UAB just in case I do not get into the nursing program since I am running out of classes to take. UAB has some classes in case I want to pursue a BSN at a later date. Anyway, they show you on line who has sent in what and what date it was received. It does not show that UAB received this particular school's transcript either....which is what prompted me to have my mother go pick it up in person. I had requested the UAB transcript a month ago. Yikes!!

    I am excited about the points. I did not know that I got 11 for math..I thought it was lower than that. I hope I get in. When do we find out? I had not originally planned to apply for Fall and need to make alternate daycare arrangements since I only have the kids signed up for MWF at a mothers day out for Fall.

    Good luck to anyone taking summer classes? I signed up for an internet math 112 that started this week.
  9. by   starzzmom
    Oh, and nursestef...hope we both get in together too!! Are you aiming for Shelby or Jefferson campus?
  10. by   09RN
    Im at Shelby campus which one are you at? Have you taken Micro yet? My good friend got in this summer so if I can help you out with anything else just let me know
  11. by   starzzmom
    I thought about taking Micro this summer, but decided to wait until Fall. I am getting somewhat of a "free ride" but am required to go full time to take advantage of this. I called the nursing director and there is a 6 hour course and two 1 hour courses that are core for the first semester. If I add a 4 hour Micro course and one other class than that should get me to full time.

    I am at the Shelby campus as well. So far I have been pretty impressed with the teachers.
  12. by   09RN
    Just a hint for you... I dont recommend taking Micro the first semester of nursing. It is the hardest class you will have. I took it last summer. I also dont think they will let you take it then. My friend that got accepted into the summer session told me that she was told shed have to take it in her third semester. I can tell you that you are in classes everyday from 8- noon except for Tuesday which goes till 4 and then either Thrusday or Friday you will be in clincials with shifts like 7-3 or 3-11. I would strongly recommend taking Micro this summer if you can.

    Who were were A&P teacher? I had Baker for both classes and loved him I also had Miller for Micro and well she nice but that was the hardest class I have ever had.
  13. by   starzzmom
    I took a Saturday A &P 1 class with Dr. Fogo and really enjoyed him. I then took an evening A & P 2 class with Dr. Free and liked him even better. Both were challenging but fair.

    Yikes. I just took the plunge and signed up for Micro this summer. It is with Lakisha Moore? It was the only evening class that was open.
    Ouch. Wonder how much the book is going to cost.

    When do they make the decisions for Fall? Did you send a breakdown of your points in with your application? I am thinking of doing this so that there are no mistakes.