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I thought I would pass along some info I recieved this morning for those of us waiting to hear back from Calhoun. I recieved this info from a press release at the chamber of commerce (I am a member... Read More

  1. by   beach_bride514
    UGHHHH!!!!!! I've so planned everything out?!(for IF i get in this fall of course) They don't need to change it!! this is so depressing.
  2. by   beach_bride514
    do you think we will hear something before June?
  3. by   VSBlonde
    I really don't know when we'll hear something. I thought it was kinda odd that they went ahead & put the drug/background check buttons on the homepage, but I could just be jumping the gun.

    I'm taking a History this summer because I needed the hours. If I get in & survive Calhoun, I'll probably finish up my BSN through UAH's online program which requires it.
  4. by   beach_bride514
    Yeah that is weird. So we don't have to do it until we know for sure, right?

    I took His 201/202 from Calhoun through my high school. I honestly hated it, but I have never found history interesting! I loved my teacher as a person, she was awesome, but as a Who will you have??
  5. by   VSBlonde
    I figure it wouldn't hurt anything for me to go ahead & take it. I've completed all the other pre-reqs because I needed them for x-ray. I have ******* for 201.

    I hate history, I'm much more a science girl. But my hubby is a history buff so he said he's help me.
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  6. by   beach_bride514
    haha well that's nice of him!

    i'm doing it the hard way...i will be taking all the other classes along with the nursing classes. I have english out of the way and this summer i'm taking A&PI and MTH112. how were those classes??
  7. by   momof3crazyboys
    I am taking chem, bio, and a microeconomics class to satisfy a behavioral/social science elective. Gonna be a LONG summer! I should be able to complete all the prereqs for my BSN so that I will be eligible to apply for Spring 2010 nursing.

    I haven't attended school in years, so I think that is what freaks me out the most!!!
  8. by   VSBlonde
    I'm taking US History, Human Growth & Development, Microbio & Intro to Computers (I needed a filler class) all this summer. I'm right there with you Momof3, it's been 7 years since I was last in college. But I'm excited about it, I need something to keep me focused.

    A&P isn't hard, it's just a lot to learn, esp in a Summer semester. I took it in high school, so I had a pretty decent background before I took it at Wallace. Math112 was easy for me, i placed into it & made an A, but that too was coming straight out of high school. My hubby is struggling with his, but he's been out of school WAY longer.
  9. by   momof3crazyboys
    I am pretty excited about going back too. It has been 10 years since I last was in college. I keep starting and stopping! Guess that's what happens when you have a family BEFORE you have a career. Now I am in my mid-thirties and I have no career! I wouldn't have it any other way though - love my kiddos even though I saw my first gray hair last week!

    VSBlonde, way to go with your Math - I totally stink at Math. Well now that I think about it, in college, I have gotten all A's in math, not the story in H.S. though!
  10. by   beach_bride514
    so did you use college bio scores to count towards the points?
  11. by   momof3crazyboys
    I did, but I didn't have A & P II yet.....taking it this summer. Going to be in the lab a LOT this semester! The chemistry class I took in college the first time didn't count because it didn't have a lab so I have to retake it.

    Are you attending Calhoun this summer?
  12. by   beach_bride514
    Haha after December I will be burned out. I'm already tired of school, but I'm anxious to start a career and family so I'm starting college on my last day of high school!! I am also taking a computer class this summer (cis146) so I would have enough hours for the scholarship. I only wanted to do two classes right out of high school but I'm hoping it's better this way.

    I'm okay in math... I loved trig. I'm in calculus right now and I'm strugglin to keep a low B but precalculus algebra should be better... But since it is on a college level.. I'm just so worried about all of this.

    But y'all need to let me know when you get a letter!!!
  13. by   beach_bride514
    I took chem111/112 last semester through dual enrollment. I enjoyed it. But the labs were long! We would go right after school and stay sometimes til 8:30 or later. Of couse we were group of high school kids who goofed around some so we probably could have gotten finished earlier some days ha!

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